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Some ideas to improve underperforming Mages

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Some ideas to improve underperforming Mages

I think that right now a big portion of the mages is in a awkward position, where they´re doing well-enough but at the same time they lack just a tiny bit of power to have a consistent place in the meta. With some small changes to these heroes the mage role could become a lot more contested and versatile.

Zombie Wall (W) – baseline buff: Heroes trapped inside the Zombie wall get silenced for the whole duration – Killing two or more zombies ends the effect prematurely. ( of course walking out of it would end the silence too)
This would make Zombie Wall a more acceptable CC-followup, which Nazeboo desperately lacks. There would be still a lot of counterplay to it, since simply killing off the zombies could end the silence. If this would prove to be too easy to do the zombies could either receive baseline hp buff, or his level 7 Zombie talent changed in a way that does so.

Vodoo Ritual (D) – baseline buff: Friendly minions in 3 range of Nazeboo recover 5% of their maximum health per second. ( This is simply an addition, rest of the trait remains the same )
So you might ask what´s the point. Nazeboo´s core identity is being a sub species hero until 20 then becoming a monster after. The problem is that even reaching 20 doesn´t guarantee anything, games can be snowballed before, and even Nazeboo´s final form is beatable.
This simple change would enchance his lane presence, and make reaching 20 without massive structure disadvantage easier. It would make enemies invest more of their damage into depushing Nazeboo, which buys valuable time.

Ice Queen – level 1 talent- replacing Lingering Chill : Increase the duration of chill by 1 second ( was 2 seconds before ) . Enemy heroes under the effect of Jaina´s chill provide her 4% bonus movement speed up to a maximum of 10%. While at 10% bonus movement speed cooldowns recharge 20% faster. This bonus doesn´t stack with Icy Veins, and doesn´t apply to Frostbolt when it benefits from the Ice lance talent. ( This might be an overkill on my part, so maybe the cooldown reduction part of the talent would need to be removed.)
The main idea behind this talent is to give Jaina more utility. She needs to fight at small distances a lot, and this could provide her the upper hand in some of those situations. Also her level 2 "choices" right now are too rigid, this would finally provide a new option.


Winter´s Reach – level 1 talent buff – Increase Frostbolt´s maximum range by 30%. Upon first enemy hero hit, apply chill to the nearest enemy hero if there´s any in a 2 range. If this enemy hero is already under the effect of chill deal 120 ( scaling ) damage to them instead.
This alteration would make this a good talent pick into both E and Q build. Also it would allow greater skill expression by adding a great poke potential at max range.
Honestly there are more talents that could use some love on Jaina, but these changes alone could be enough to bounce her back into the meta.

Living Hazard (1) – new baseline ability – Activate to detonate all currently active living bombs. 60 second cooldown. This ability cannot be used for 1 second after applying a Living bomb (W).
This would make spreading living bomb more a question of skill rather than luck and enemy misplays. It also allows the enemy enough time to spread out, because of the windup. The long 60 second cooldown also makes it not so oppressing. If this idea sounds too scary I´ve thought of another:


Gravity Lapse (E) – baseline ability buff – Living bombs in targets stunned by Gravity Lapse count down 200% faster.
This is a really similar to the previous change, and I´m really not sure which of them would be the better solution. The main focus is that Living Bomb spreads by Kael´thas making great plays instead of the enemy playing poorly. This particular buff would be hard to use in a meaningful way and a great way to add more skill expression to the hero.

This is just a fun thought experiment, feel free to share any thoughts you would have about these changes or add any of your own propositions that you think would make the mage playstyle/ variety better.

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