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Some Kel’Thuzad ideas

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Some Kel'Thuzad ideas

I like KTZ. I think he's in a pretty good spot, and he doesn't need tweaking or rebalancing, aside from a few bugs, lack of skins, and no ability to use any kind of mount. Though, I don't really see why he doesn't get iceblock when Nazeebo does, but that's mainly because I don't think see how it fits Nazeebo in any way. And you could do some cool things with a KTZ Iceblock, like having it trigger a big Frost Blast when it expires, or applying a chain to all nearby enemy heroes when you use it, and while you're in ice you could drop your glacial spike and pull all the chained heroes at once so you can escape. But I digress, that's not really my point.

I just had a couple ideas that I think would make fun talents that could vary up how he plays, without (hopefully) breaking him too much.

First, what if he had a talent to make his Glacial Spike not expire. And maybe even give him two charges of it (but you could only have two on the map at once). Then he could set up on a point ahead of time by putting possible chain positions, kind of like Gazlowe does with turrets. Instead of exploding for damage, they could have a small AoE damage aura and slow. And of course, since they block pathing, they would have to have hp and be destructible. They would be sort of like Probius Pylons or Zagara Nydus.


I could even imagine a world where if you threw a chain on one of these, it wouldn't expire, so you could set it up, and back off to safety, and wait for someone to get close. And then, if we really want to go deep into that rabbit hole, imagine a level 20 where KTZ's frost nova cast range was extended to his spikes. So you could drop a spike, put a chain on it, and then back off, waiting for someone to get into range. Then you chain them to the spike, and hit them with a frost nova and a shadow fissure from anywhere on the map. It's a little crazy, but there is counterplay to it (check bushes, zone control, destroy the spikes), and it gives him a little more variety.

My second idea has to do with his chains. What if he could pick a talent to allow his chains to hit a third target. So you hit player A, and they have the chains of KTZ debuff. You use chains again, and it hits player B. It pulls A and B together, and then it gives player B the chains of KTZ debuff, allowing you to use chains a third time to pull player C. You could make player A immune to the third chain, so you can't use it to just chain stun the same two players, but I think it could make for some fun interactions, especially with the Glacial Spike. You pull one player to the spike, then from the spike you can pull another player. You could call it Saronite Chain Gang.

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