Heroes of the Storm

Some messy thoughts and suggestions about Kael’Thas

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Some messy thoughts and suggestions about Kael'Thas

First, i think KT is a quite cool and balanced hero. It feels good to play him and to achieve massive stuns, combos, bomb spreading.
For beginner he is like a boss that you need to understand and overcome to progress in the game and for more skilled players he is a relatively difficult to play but complete mage.
That way my suggestions aren't really about balancing him or making him easier to play against if you spread bomb, it's more about minor changes making him feel better to play and play against. And of course these suggestions are (nearly) all independant

Two ideas for his ultimates:

  • Wouldn't the Phoenix be much cooler with the ability to guide his AA focus with R while active (like with Jaina's Elem or Gazlowe turrets)? To my mind this wouldn't change anything if you don't use it but remove some potential frustration and feel good if you achieve things with it by using this functionnality.
  • What about reducing damaticaly Pyroblast base damages, but add a variable part function of your recent ability damages? The spell would still be "i don't have CD left, i right-click that foe without defensive ability available and blow him up", but the damage burst would feel more like a reward for a good combo/damage spreading than for just right-clicking at the right time. I admit it would be hard to find the right function.

Ideas about his trait talents:

  • What about fusing Fel Infusion, Mana Tap and Sunfire Enchantment into a single tier 1 talent that empowers 2AA and make it give life and mana back, even more and some spell power if you hit heroes? I dont think it would be an overwhelming talent and the current state of Fel Infusion and Mana Tap isn't super fun (i regain ressource when i press D) and the situation where you want to pick it currently (no healer in the game or cheesy sololane KT, don't use other mana talents) would still be covered while other uses to that talent could be found.
  • This previous change would free two talent slots at tier 2 and 3, for tier 2 we could imagine a return of pre-rework talents like Tri-Optimal (D CDR when E land) or Gravity Throw (E instantly kill minions) or new ones to have a full-E-tier. For the tier 3, we could imagine a defensive talent (like movement speed or some armor…)(that would make Mana Addict less mandatory at high level and against divers since it's currently his only defensive talent AND the best mana talent in the game) or a more DotA-esque thing like "hiting multiple heroes with abilities grant attack speed and range"…

Ideas about his Storm Talents:

Those talents are currently dominated by Flamethrower and since it's Storm talents, others could be madly buffed.

  • Phoenix 2 could, instead of being relocated, see the AoE part of his AA increased and his attack range increased as well.
  • Master of flames could also grant all Tier 4 (bomb related) talents.
  • Pyroblast 2 could, instead of his current weird functionnality, get CDR on kills and/or a shorter cast time…
  • Heroic ability improvements could be replaced by a new active talent, like a mini-sunwell that grant mana to allies the way Anduin's lightwell does, or like WC3's Bannish that trade spell armor for an AA avoidance.

I am curious of what you all could think about it, is it completely dumb and why or how could it be pushed further to deserve an implementation?

Sorry for long post and approximative english, not my mother tongue and i can ignite a bit too much 🙂

See you in the Nexus and happy new year!

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