Heroes of the Storm

Some notes from testing Qhira’s abilties

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Some notes from testing Qhira's abilties

Hey, I like the hero Qhira – I think she is fun to play and like the idea behind it. Anyway, I was bored and was testing some stuff on Qhira for future reference or to answer some questions I had. Maybe this will help someone else…

All up for debate, of course, feel free to disagree.


W: For healing, it is better to get 1 bleed on two heroes than 2 stacks of bleeds on one hero. Basically for better healing try to apply bleeds to more targets since the base healing value is stronger and is cumulative for each enemy.

For damage, it is better to get more stacks on the hero you want to damage the most. The damage value is independent for each enemy so only more stacks on a specific enemy will add damage to that specific enemy (stacks on enemy 1 do not affect the damage of W on enemy 2).

Q: Bleeds are applied on the way out (number of bleed depending on distance) and on the way back (always +1 bleed).

The sword seems to be made of sections: hilt, blade 1/2, tip.

Tip: about twice the area of the end arrow will apply two bleeds (1+1).

Blade 1: from the tip area to 50% of the length will apply three bleeds (2+1)

Blade 2: from the middle to the hild will apply four bleeds (3+1)

Hild: close to Qhira, apply 5 bleeds (4+1)

E: The ability always rotates clockwise, so it might be better to grapple the "Southernmost" enemy in a fight coming from the East (and Northernmost from the West).

Even if you hook onto an enemy from close quarters, Qhira will be pushed away from the target by extending the sword to its maximum radius/length and start spinning. So if you end up in a pickle in CQC you can potentially hook onto your target, do a 360 without reactivating and you would end up slightly further away from your initial target (the slow on E can help you keeping your distance).

Better yet, you can use that fact to create some distance away from your enemy with E then immediately hook even further away with D to escape (quick double grap with E invincibility). That makes you very hard to kill if you didn't engage with E/D.

D: Generates 2 stacks of bleed (start and impact)




Maximum effort: the proc adds 1 stack of bleed on top of the damage. If you line up your Q on the 3 target dummies, you end up with 5/5/4 stacks instead of 5/4/3 (when untalented).


The Thirst: It is affected by damage reduction, so you will get significantly smaller values against heroes with armor.

Each stack of bleed counts as 1 stack of damage for the Thirst, so to get the 10 stacks you only need to fully stack 2 heroes with one cast of Q (which the proc at lvl 1 helps with). The healing is based on the basic attack damage and not the Carnage initial damage.

LVL 13

Pulsing Pain: applies 1 extra bleed to the main target with each proc, so could apply up to 5 bleed without the final impact.

LVL 16

Final Ailment: the final impact does not reactivates the armor debuff (so it will just about expire when a 360 swing ends).

LVL 20

Silent Killer: each swing and each hero will count as a proc that reduces the cooldown by 3s. So in a perfect scenario (impossible) you would get 5 heroes x 5 procs x 3s = 0s CD.

Note that enemies still have 0.5s to react after the silence ends, so if they are spamming you should get interrupted.


Maximum Effort + The Thirst: 377 for 5 carnage procs.

Finishing touch + The Thirst: 384 for 5 carnage procs and enemy above 50%.

So Finishing Touch is better for the Thirst from a pure number standpoint, but you lose the slow and the distance that Maximum Effort offers so you need to be confident that you can land those basic attacks (and yes Finishing Touch, The Thirst and The Hunted stack together but are hard to use effectively).

Well that's it… There was more, but the other talents kind of behaved as expected or the description was less ambiguous. Feel free to add your own findings. Best!

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