Heroes of the Storm

Some Quick Suggestions for Malthael and the direction he is headed in

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Some Quick Suggestions for Malthael and the direction he is headed in

With yesterdays change to Tormented Souls, I thought that now would be the perfect time to discuss (and give suggestions) about Malthael's current direction.

Since the buff to Malthael in early 2018, he has been a prominent solo lane Bruiser with early game dominance, good sustain, and decent single target damage with stacking power on Last Rites.

With the way his talents and mana costs are built at the moment, it seems difficult to even justify picking Tormented Soul at all, with the exception to this being heavy burst negation on the opposing team. This is primarily due to the cooldown on Tormented Souls, and the heavy mana costs surrounding both it and his Wraith Strike. Something worth considering would be buffing Death's Reach at level 1 to also reduce Wraith Strikes mana cost, as the other talents in the tier (especially On a Pale Horse) are both typically better choices in different situations. Some other talents worth looking into should include; Ethereal Existence, as not having to hard rely on Soul Siphon and other talents for Soul Rip for sustain would help promote picking Mortality (which should get a % damage increase of around 2-6%), and Massacre, which are both heavily undermined by the Soul Rip talents in their respective tiers.

With these changes Malthael would be able to perform more consistently in teamfights, for a tradeoff in his solo lane and camp clearing potential.


Edit 1: (some spelling fixes) Didn't comment on some talents, wanted to mainly discus his W talents in this post but due to discussion in the comments I will bring a couple of them up here
Black Harvest is in an ok spot, especially if they continue to buff Tormented Souls. Throwing Shade isn't viable because of the lack of talents for Death Shroud.
Massacre DOESN'T need an additional effect, especially if they buff other talents surrounding Wraith Strike. Touch of Death may need some CDR.

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Shroud of Wisdom needs some CDR, the rest of the talents in the tier are in a good spot (excluding Ethereal Existence, which I have already discussed)
Memento Mori doesn't deal enough damage for the difficulty of applying mark for more than 4 seconds

Reaper of Souls needs a complete rework, having it active for longer is actively bad with Tormented Souls new effect. No One Can Stop Death needs a minor nerf to put it in line with the rest of the tier.

TL;DR Tourmented Souls is currently not strong enough. Malthaels mana costs are too high and Ethereal Existance as well as Wraith Strike talents should be buffed considerably.

Remember to scream at me violently if my opinion differs from yours even slightly (I would genuinely love to hear what everyone thinks about Malthael, and whether these changes would be good)

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