Heroes of the Storm

Spring Event Speculation Thread. Feel free to join!

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Spring Event Speculation Thread. Feel free to join!

* With the Spring Event coming real soon, let's have some speculation on what skins the Event will bring.
I think that this year's Spring Event will continue the story of last year's, with Caldeum Complex 2:
cAV2bDm - Spring Event Speculation Thread. Feel free to join!

https://imgur.com/gallery/cAV2bDm (featuring the "Cyberpunk" skins concept of Joseph Kim).
Why? Because it's not a coincidence that the devs released Caldeum Complex as a Spring Event. Spring Events are usually connected with Eastern cultures like Lunar New Year. Last year's Spring Event was no exception. At a glance, Caldeum Complex may just be a Cyberpunk-themed Event, but it's not just that.

* There are 5 major factions in Caldeum Acropolis: the Azure Dragons, the Onyx Turtles, the Ivory Tigers, the Vermilion Birds and the Jigoku Cybernetics Corporation. The first four are references of
the four mythological creatures from Chinese mythology, which are: the Azure Dragon of the East, and the Black Tortoise of the North, the White Tiger of the West, the Vermilion Bird of the South (Fun fact: the direction (East-North-West-South) of the creatures are also presented in the 4 factions' logos: there is a rounded square with a line in 4 logos, the lines in the logos point in the directions of the creatures). In addition, Jigoku Cybernetics is named after the "hell" of East Asian cultures, specifically using the Japanese name for the realm, this is the reason for the demonic aesthetic to them.

* The representatives:
– Of the Azure Dragons is Techno Vandal Chromie.
– Of the Onyx Turtles is Street Cyborg Kharazim.
– Of the Jigoku Cybernetics are Cyber Oni Butcher and Speed Demon Lúcio.


* The Ivory Tigers and the Vermilion Birds don't have skins to represent them in-game yet. Therefore, I think that we will get to see skins from the Ivory Tigers, the Vermilion Birds.
We can already see the Ivory Tigers' leader from the portrait reward of last year's Event: Ivory Tiger Johanna.
As for the Vermilion Birds, in the Official AMA on December 5th, u/Nhoebi asked "Why did Deathwing have no skin at release?", and u/Blizz_KinaBREW answered: "His skin wasn't ready for this year. We have something really cool planned for him though. This is what I'm personally working on at the moment. Please accept The Destroyer Brightwing skin in the meantime as a peace offering.". I'm quite positive that the Deathwing skin is for the Spring Event, and I think that a mythical Deathwing skin would fit to be the representative for the Vermilion Birds.
Otherwise, the Vermilion Birds would get a different representative, and that (Mecha/Cyber Oni) Deathwing skin would get to be the big bad guy from Jigoku Cybernetics.

* Other possible skins (from portraits and sprays of Caldeum Complex; please note that there are A LOT of skin ideas that are shown through portraits and sprays that aren't in the game yet):
Azure Lich King Arthas
Bionic Warlord Stukov
Cyber Ghost Kerrigan
Cybernetic Illidan
Digital Sniper Ana
Graffiti Valla
Motherboard Queen Zagara
Azure Dragons Orphea
Cyber Oni Junkrat

Please don't believe 100% in my speculation, as it is only a speculation, so it's likely to be wrong. (As the devs can think of a more interesting Spring Event than Caldeum Complex 2, it's possible that this year's Spring Event gets a brand new theme and is set in a new Realm! =)) )

What do you think about my speculation? What's your speculation?

Thank you for reading my post! Stay safe and see you in the Nexus! <3

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