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State of Cho’gall post-nerf, 1 week later

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - State of Cho'gall post-nerf, 1 week later

Hello everybody!

As /u/KriticKitten 's post shows (this post) , the last patch included a huge nerf for Cho'Gall, which impacted on his WinRate. during the first week, we can see a global loss of 8%, which masks a more complex reality.

Cho'Gall was always better and worked best in a coordonated environment than at "low" ELO (by coordinated environment, I mean Team League at diamond/Master levels)

His unique nature made Cho'Gall also very sensitive to counter picks during the draft, which artificially augmented his WR.

Many people foresaw the HGC's and the pro scene deletion, and that it would lead to a global readjustment of the "weak" heroes, so they'll be picked at the highest level, and yet are actually too strong for SoloQueue or TL (or the other way around).

That is exactly what happened: Cho'Gall was severely hit by the guillotine. All of his best talents have been nerfed in huge proportions: 7% HP reduction the runing blast ability gets 10% less FLAT damage and the quest is limited to 40 hits (Gall's lvl4) . Also Ogres Hide armor bonus hasn't been augmented, neither does it stacks. Cho'Gall and Greymane are the two only heroes who saw that. (all the other heroes got their armor increased)


Indirect nerfs are finishing the dire deed. Double Trouble quest (Gall's lvl7) affects the damage in %HP at Gall's lvl 13, hitbox's patch also doesn't help to make the quests and hit or kill. That added to the unstoppable for Cho at lvl 16 being erased since last summer.

Lastly, the changes made to the experience dynamics have yet again brought hit to Cho'Gall, as he can only soak one lane (yes, he can also double soak, or at least he could) that made the macro-gaming even more dire for Him.

That makes a lot. A lot for a hero who is not played that much (except in Master TL), who never was meta at pro level, and who now swims in the same sad and dark waters as Tassadar, Chen and Genji but for different reasons.

Cho'Gall needs an urgent up to be viable again, and a rework to make him wholesome. This last part will take time, especially with a reduced Developper team, but at least getting back a decent amount of HP is necessary.

Blizzard was too quick to lash out.

Please give us back a great Cho'Gall!

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