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Blizzard and I don't have a good relationship for when they rework heroes that I love. Particularly egregious for me was the Malthael rework, which I saw as totally unnecessary and which proceeded to ruin my desire to play the hero. Like most other heroes getting changes, Malth followed the typical trend of making him OP through massively overtuned talents that hid flaws in his new kit, then nerfing him across the board until his edge was even duller than before he received changes. As such, I was pretty worried and upset when I saw they were going to be making changes to my current one-trick, stitches.


Boy was I proven wrong. They made Stitches way more versatile with this rework without making him OP. Every talent tier has interesting and viable options that you can use to tailor to your play-style/the needs of the game. With this rework, they removed old, outdated, generic talents (although I will miss his old immortal HP build), made him less feast or famine, made him more fun to play, and made him viable for the role he was originally designed to fill, main tank. Best of all, they did all of this without needing significant post-rework changes to his kit or talents.

IMO, this is the most successful rework the design team has ever put together. If future reworks meet this standard, I look forward to what the design team (however reduced) can do with some other heroes going forward. What do you all think? Are you loving new Stitches as much as I am?

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