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Stop blaming HOTS team, Blame Activision

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Stop blaming HOTS team, Blame Activision

There is a lot of understandable anger floating around the sub about the lack of an HGC announcement. I just wanted to remind people to not direct this anger at the HOTS team, especially the Devs. If you need to vent, direct it at upper management: Robert Kotick (Activision CEO), Coddy Johnson (Blizz COO) and Spencer Neumann (Blizz CFO). (Edit: Morhaime resigned. So removed him.)

Let's remember what's happening internally – Blizz literally "phoned in" their big Blizzcon announcement, stock prices were hit hard in Tech and at Activision in particular, and at the same time Activision used the Blizzcon nonsense as cover to announce cost-cutting and rein-tightening measures at Blizzard.

I know it sucks that we have no HGC news and that the game is probably getting cutbacks, and that we dont have a new game director. But that last bit is important: there's no new game director. I would bet the devs, themselves, have no idea what they will be doing next year. If cutbacks happen, devs will either be transferred internally or may lose their own jobs. So the HOTS team is probably worried too!


TL;DR: Its fine to be angry, just direct it where it counts. At the upper management, not the Devs!

EDIT: Yes, I am aware that it is Activision-Blizzard. And that the two can't be easily separated anymore, despite Blizz's historical autonomy. That's why I included Johnson and Neumann in the list. Apologies for not being clearer on that point. The point is the issue is upper management restructuring directives which cause the downstream radio silence on HGC. That isn't in control of the esports division, or the game devs. It's in control of people finalizing and approving budgets, which have been scaled back, per Kotaku and other reports. Until the year-end budget reworks are finished, we aren't going to hear anything.

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