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Storm League continues to ruin the competitiveness aspect of HotS

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Storm League continues to ruin the competitiveness aspect of HotS

This is a topic that has already been addressed several times and I know there's a very low chance that the devs will do something about it, but I love this game, have played it for more than 5 years and would like to see it improve.

When people in high elo games stack, when is the MM going to make a fair game? Not only they know what roles to play and can trust each other before the draft even begins, but also the MM is generally not able to give the enemies a chance to win the game since there are simply not enough good players in high MMR games. Not to mention there is a significant number of high elo players who stack with smurfs, lowering their average MMR to make even more unfair games.

It is also funny to see how there are players who you can tell are mechanically worse and don't have as much game knowledge, but they accomplished high ranks during some SL seasons, and when you look back when there was soloQ (which is a fair system because everyone is on their own) not only they had negative winrate but also couldn't manage to achieve GM ranks.

HotS is indeed a team game, but that doesn't mean that the system that is in place is the most appropriate. A competitive system in any game (not just HotS) needs to meet certain criteria, one of them being fairness. When the ranked system in HotS can make games where one team can be a stack and the other consists of solo players who don't even know each other, you can be sure that this system is NOT competitive because it is not fair in the first place.


There are many solutions to this problem (at least for high MMR games where people generally care about the quality of the games and fairness), so I'll propose two of them:

  1. Change the MM in SL in a way so that both teams always have the same size of stacks vs each other (e.g. 1+2+2 vs 1+2+2; 3+2 vs 3+2; 1+1+1+1+1 vs 1+1+1+1+1; 5 vs 5).

  2. Bring back soloQ (at least in high MMR games where playerbase is smaller). This is a pretty aggressive solution to this problem but ultimately does fix the issue entirely. The most competitive players in HotS today (and back when HGC existed) would unanimously agree that, considering game nature, HL (soloQ) was the best place to get better mechanically and where one could find the most fair and highest quality games.

Finally, I would like to remind the HotS devs that SL was supposed to be a merge between HL and TL. How is SL any similar to HL? Because to me the way SL works right now is exactly the same as TL. There are many solo players out there (and not because we like to play on our own, but because we like playing games that are fair right from the draft) that would like to enjoy the competitive aspect of this game, but so far the devs have only turnt their back on us.

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