Heroes of the Storm

stutter despite low display settings.

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - stutter despite low display settings.

hello heroes of the storm community/staff,

there have been many reports and posts about game being unplayable due to stutter and low framerates despite lowering graphics and despite being fine on other games and titles.

so you'll get 30 FPS while having the lowest settings,

AND 30 FPS while having the settings on HIGH.

(both in action. not afk)

i know this might sound weird, but even when i manually DISABLED shadows and forced most settings to lowest possible, stutters, lags and FPS drops happened the same way they happened on HIGH and Very High settings.

i've tried many difference settings and i've edited variables.txt alot,

also putting it on read-only to keep the game from changing it.

no. it was not because your GPU is not up to date.

the problem, as weird as it may sound, is actually disk usage and game's UI size.

yes. the problem was not because the CPU or GPU was bottle-necking. it was because the HDD was at its limit, and memory could not handle the huge UI. also because the only thing that is left unchanged despite changing settings from high to lowest possible, is UI.

my best theory would be that UI is causing malfunction with system files and programs, like superfetch, and causing a huge amount of lag,

OR a part of the UI is not compatible with processor or graphics card which leads to lard quantity of neglect-able internal errors and are not displayed.

setting hots on priority (task manager/process hacker) actually increased the FPS, but by a random amount between 1 and 5, which is not much.


disabling background apps, also using alarcityPC to temporary disable background applications (even explorer.exe) did not help. which definitely is not in favor of my theory.

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i already know it is illegal to modify UI settings so i'll let someone else do that.

please optimize the game.

sincerely, nyevid.

just google "weird hots stutter" and you'll see everything, or:




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