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Suggestion to fix 5stack/4stack issue in QM.

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Suggestion to fix 5stack/4stack issue in QM.

Removing QM blind pick, tweaking Unranked to be the new QM. (Addressing QM, not SL)
Problems: Too many queues for too few players. 5stack isn't fun to play against.

The frustration of playing as a blind pick with random teammates against 5stack with better-picked team comps. Not mentioning 5stacks usually have better communication, coordination, and chemistry. Games against 5stack often become a one-sided pub-stomp game. Which can get extremely boring and stale real fast. (Blizzard removed the ability to see enemy stacks on the loading screen, hiding the problem, not fixing it.)

Solution: A quick draft mode QM hybrid.

5stack and 4stack will have no changes. They queue up as normal, selecting their heroes and ready up for matchmaking.

Solo, Duo, Trio will only get to ready up without picking any heroes and enter matchmaking.

Once the solo, duo, trio has been matched against a 4/5stack. The 4/5stack roster will be revealed and both teams will enter draft mode. The solo, duo, trio will be in hero selection mode on a first ready first-served basis under a 1minute countdown. (just like a normal QM lobby) This eliminates the lengthy process of draft mode.

For a 4stack + solo, the 4stack will be revealed and the solo will get to choose which hero to compliment.

When none of the teams has a 4/5stack and a match has been found. Same thing, hero selection on a first ready first-serve basis under a 1minute countdown. With teammate’s selection revealed.


If no hero is selected after the timer expires. Either have the unselected player choose random(favourites) or disband the matchmaking. Former would be better.

What it addresses:

Frustration playing against 5stack as the player doesn't get to make informed hero selection. Leaving it entirely up to the MM ‘luck’ to dictate your chances. The problem isn't playing against a 5stack, it is playing against them with a team of random heroes.

Reduced match-making time. How many times have you found yourself changing the hero you have selected because you were stuck in a queue for ages? Times where the MM tries to find the right roles to match players with and against. And you just have no idea if the role you selected already has someone queueing as well?

Eliminates lengthy draft mode process. The current unranked queue has literally no one queueing as it either takes too long to find a game and/or the drafting process takes too long.

Restricting 4/5stack. I don't believe this fixes anything. Sure it is fair for a 4/5stack to exclusively match against a 4/5stack but the player base is just too small currently to afford that luxury.

What are your thoughts and opinions? Will it work? Is this suggestion lacking in any aspects? Constructive criticism please~

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