Heroes of the Storm

Suggestions for Heroes of the Storm.

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Suggestions for Heroes of the Storm.

Today I would like to suggest some things for Heroes again. Rate and comment on them.

1) Hero balance

When you play a hero, you earn XP for that hero, whether you win or lose.
Hero Balance is similar, but different. Hero balance is a kind of ranking for your hero.
You start with every hero with the hero balance of 1000, which increases with victories and decreases with defeats. How many points are added or lost depends on personal performance.

Why a hero balance makes sense …
Players are matched with each other in the quick match based on their level. There are often very large differences in how well the heroes are played themselves. Instead, if players are matched based on their hero balance, the chances will be that all players will play at a similar level and the match will be more fun and better.

Some rules …
If a hero is changed by patch notes, the hero balance drops to the next low thousand (e.g. 3777 -> 3000) because the hero has to be learned anew in some cases. If a hero is not played for a longer period, the number slowly but regularly returns to 1000.

This rule only applies to the Quick Match and A.I. games; it is very worthwhile since QM is the game mode with most players.

2) Nexus Anomaly: PrePicked Draft Heroes

This new Nexus Anomaly is worth trying out once, because it brings a completely new format of the draft into play.


This Nexus Anomaly concerns the Ranked Draft and Unranked Draft Mode and is purely optional, which means you can either play with or without this Anomaly … and that's important!

How to play …
You first select 1 hero from each role with whom you register for the draft in PrePicked Draft Heroes.
With your total of 6 prepicked heroes, you now enter the draft with 4 other players, who have also selected 6 heroes, double heroes may occur. As soon as it is your turn to choose, you can now choose one of your 6 heroes who has not already been assigned.
There are no bans in this anomaly.

Some rules …
If all of your 6 heroes have already been picked, you get a random hero, priority is given to heroes that have been selected by your team members.
You can only register for this anomaly alone, it is important that you can test the mode in detail and pre-made groups have a greater advantage here.

How can it be tested?
During a season, the players are counted who register solo in the normal drafts and in the anomaly, so you can see how popular the new mode is.
It can happen that the mode is also opened for groups so that this can also be tested.

Thanks for reading guy, that's all!

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