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Suggestions regarding Deathwing

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Suggestions regarding Deathwing

there are a few things regarding Deathwing i would like to go over and get other people’s opinion about it.

deathwing is a great and super fun character to play, unfortunately , hes got nerfed quite alot over the time. but i still play him from time to time because being a giant fire breathing dragon is fun ! lol

Personal Stats
im no pro deathwing but here are my current stats if it means anything to the discussion

Level : 41
205 games / 55% WR
6.8 KDA

weather effect
the first thing i’d like to mention is that the weather effects are not consistent with Deathwing.
i know weather effects has been removed, i dont know if they will be coming back or not but this is what i noticed about them.

thunderstorm : does not affect DW
snowfall : DOES work and provide Deathwing Armor .
fog : does not affect DW

my problem here isnt that Deathwing is affected or not by the weather but rather its inconsistency. wouldn't it make sense to have either all 3 effect affect Deathwing or none of them ?

what do you think about this ?

Deathwing’s Healing /self sustain

(all below healing stats are taken at level 20. )

incinerate : 230 ( 259 + dragon’s ire ) ( 305 + destroyer’s rampage ) .
lava pool : 197 ( 321 + heat wave ) ( 222 dragon’s ire )

molten blood : 29hp / second + 12.52 base health regen. ( total 41.52 )
Draconic might : 85 / AA ( 106 + dragon’s ire ) ( 132 + fire and fury )( 166 + destroyer’s rampage )

notable stats / fact

strongest possible : AA 663
CD before dropping when taking flight : 8 seconds
skill CD when dropping : 4 seconds
HP regen during flight : +2.5% / seconds ( 40 seconds for full health )

my current view on Deathwing

my main problem with Deathwing is that he’s got some nice talents but others can turn out to be useless if outside of the requirement but the problem is also that those requirements can be quite easy to be out of in some case.

the other thing is , Deathwing in its current talent tree seems to have potential for nice concepts.

  • Bruiser spells and team fight pressure ( destroyer ) / control stun ( World Breaker )
  • the fact of flying around ( hit fly and runs )
  • Basic Attacks . ( sustain team fight potential )

these are the 3 main aspect i feel when looking at the talent tree, however i feel 2/3 they could be expanded a bit more , not through a massive rework but rather just a few talents.

when it comes to surviability , it seems that going dragon souls is nearly a requirement , due to the numbers behind it. i look at the numbers and dragon souls seems to be able to heal multiple times over what dragonic might and Molten blood can and usually in way less time as well. i still pick those from time to time, but im fully aware that when i do, quite often my self healing woudl had been more optimal had i picked Dragon soul.

which is why i started thinking about this.


suggestions :

Level 1
Dragon soul : no change
Molten Blood : new functionality : while flying , health regeneration rate is increased by 0.5% of Deathwing’s total HP for every plate missing at the moment of the flight.
*note : estimated time to full health based on missing plates. *
( 25 seconds 3 plates missing, 21 seconds 2 plates missing , 16.5 seconds 1 plate missing )
Dragonic Might : new functionality : every 3 basic attack on a enemy hero, Deathwing becomes protected for 0.75 seconds. Basic attacks heal for 33% of the damage dealt.

LeveL 4
Infernus : no change
Heatwave : no change
Dragon’s Ire : Deathwing’s damage is increased by 12.5% for each missing plate.

Level 7
FireStorm : no change
DeathDrop : Hitting an enemy Hero with destroyer or world breaker’s landing reduce their spell armor by 15 for 6 seconds and. the landing cooldown of Destroyer or world breaker form are reduced by 4 seconds upon entering flight and basic ability cooldowns by 2 seconds upon landing.
SkyFall : no change

level 10
Burn Beneath my Shadow : no change
Bellowing Roar : buff : roar channeling time reduced from 1 second to 0.5 second .

Level 13
Wicked infernos : no change
Ruination : no change
Fire and Fury : no change

Level 16
Conflagration : no change
Gaze onto Destruction : no change
Elementium Plating : no change

Level 20 :
Stood in fire : no change
Arrival of a God : no change
Destroyer’s Rampage : new functionality . For the next 10 seconds after landing in either Destroyer or World Breaker form, Deathwing’s Basic Attack damage are increased by 50% , gain 50% attack speed ( multiplicative ) and 20% movement speed. this effect refreshes each time Deathwing damages
an enemy hero by using a Basic Attack.

changes like this in my opinion would allow multiple types of game play.

  • full bruiser by jumping into the enemy or Q build ( what we currently have )
  • a more “hit and run” flight based gameplay where Deathwing can drop onto an enemy , attack them weakening them or kill them if possible and get back in the air to strike a new target soon after.
  • a theorically more reliable melee based build as currently the protect mechanic on deathwing are based by the opponent actions and not by deathwing himself which can easily lead to bypassing the protect mechanics completely by timing attacks properly , thus rendering it useless.

what is everyone’s opinion on this ?
do you think such change would make sense regarding the talents and weather ?

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