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Suposed blizzcon leak

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Suposed blizzcon leak

A guy named Xazax posted on 4chan what would be a leak. If it's true there a lot of new things. makes sense blizz play all it's cards to bring hots up and earn more while spending less, but what do you guys think? do you belive it?

here is the content of the "leak"

BlizzCon Leak

>I'm posting this 2 months after the meeting to avoid identification
>most concent is outdated since it was a presentation to show the group how development was going
>the are a lot of placeholders but the alpha may be playable at blizzcon and beta a couple of months after
>I'm doing 2 posts because there are a lot of content

>there will be an event of Void VS Light trying to summon a new hero
>players must pick a side and complete quests to earn portraits, emojis and sprays. There are a total of 5 levels where you can aid a side or the other.
>the Light side follow a story where 1) Tassadar reaches the Skull of Guldan so he can fight the Void. 2) Illidan, withouth the skull, seeks the SoulStone to gain power. Tyrael is ware of Azeroth and sends Azurewrath to aid humans against the Void. 3) Arthas takes Azurewrath instead of Frostmourne. 4) Malthael yet as Archangel of Winsdom goes for the avaiable Helm of Domination. 5) Ragnaros joins the fight so elementals won't be slaves of Void again.

Void side> 1) Y'shaarj reaches Azmodan and they fuse, spreading the void. 2) the first to be corrupted is Abathur, who fuses to Ghun. 3) They reach Probius, giving him N'zoth powers. 4) Fenix falls to YoggSaron Curse of Flesh, becoming alive again. 5) Cho'Gall receives powers from C'thun.

> final reward will be avaiable 1 week after the begining of the event. It is a loot box containing a legendary skin for the new hero. If player chose 3 or more Light quests, receives the Light themed recolor. If chose 3 or more void, void themed recolor. The skin is the same but different tints.

>Earthquakes will become more intense and frequent until new hero is released, 1 week after the beggining of the event.


>When the new hero is released, a Cataclysm will happen, bringing back the Dark Nexus.
> there will be a major interface change, home page now will show a random map and last played hero; from now on interface will be a lot less blue than it is now

> the event is about summoning the new hero, where Light and Void tries to do it in different times of existence, one being the warden and the other the destroyer.

pt 1/2
> Part 2/2

> Heroes of the Storm IP is being greatly expanded and this is huge
>the system is the same so content like models, SFX, sounds and pretty much all the work can be shared among all the new games
>There will be a Mobile subitled Heroes of the Storm: Chasers of Singularities (name is up to change yet)
>this game is a AutoChess inspired game. Blizz doesn't want to start the race far behind again since this was a big mistake.
>It will have a card system where you must collect cards and build your decks.
>you pre-organize your team of 5 heroes
>cards will be the random aspect
> each battle increases the heroes 4 levels (allowing you to pick a talent) and allows 1 more hero to enter the table.

>there is a Brawler game too!
>there are 2 modes, one similar to MK and SF; other mode like Super Smash Bros

>There is a last game subtitle Riders of the Storm, it's a mix of Mario Kart and Rock'n Roll Racing.

>Content will be shared! If a player unlocks a hero or cosmetic in any game, it will be unlocked globally! This is an estrategy to bring more players to the IP and more incoming, while sharing resources.

>There will be a huge bundle with many heroes and lootboxes. There is an exclusive reward for the bundle, which is a Nexus Whale.
>There are cross-game rewards, like Dreadlord Jaina skin for Jaina in WC3 Reforged.
>New gold skin mount: Golden Nexus Whale, will cost 100k Gold

>WC3 Reforged Spoils of War will now reward Deathguard MeatWagon in Heroes of the Storm

>Next Storm League mount will be a goose

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