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Support Meta is Good But Morales Has Issues

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Support Meta is Good But Morales Has Issues

Sorry, this is a bit of a longer rant, skip to TL;DR if you want. For ease in looking up Morale's talents without having to link them all in the text here is the Icy Veins Talent page: https://www.icy-veins.com/heroes/lt-morales-talents

Right now I think the support meta is in a better place than it's been in the history of the game. Supports have different niches and talents and even at high level play at least 6 healers are all viable for the unique things they can bring to the table. Even low "bulk heal" characters like Uther have fun and impactful builds.

However I have had major problems with Morales since her rework and I would like to see the Devs take a look at "unreworking" her a bit:

1. Grenades

Morales' grenade gives her a nice niche among most of the supports – it is the longest range disruption/displacement in the game and is the best at doing what it does in that regard, even compared to Sleep Dart (which can be blocked) or Lunar Flare at max range.

Grenade is a skillshot that rewards saving it to use at the perfect time – to interrupt a channeling Ult like Mosh Pit or Ravenous Spirit, stop a Dehaka Drag or Imperius spear, or to land the perfect angle to displace an enemy into your team. It is NOT something that is meant to be spammed out willy nilly to win some mini game of "how many enemy heroes can you hit!" Almost ALL of the Grenade talents encourage improper use of a vital interrupting ability on a 12 second cooldown, and I hate almost all of them. I also rarely take any of the early Grenade talents because they preclude me from picking talents that make sure Morales actually has Energy to heal in a prolonged fight, one of her bigger challenges currently. If the devs want Morales players to use Grenade for all sorts of other things like massive chaotic displacements, damage nerfing, shield breaking, and the like, then it should be given at least one more charge baseline to allow Morales to use up a charge for these purposes but still have one left over for the more surgical interrupts it is absolutely VITAL to save it for; quest talents or talents that shorten the cooldown for "hitting multiple heroes" are clunky and inelegant for a skillshot that rewards careful timing of when it's used. A much simpler and more elegant solution is to just give the ability two charges baseline, with a brief cooldown period between charge uses.

From a fluff/lore perspective I'm disappointed in Grenade since it doesn't even possess some of the abilities the ACTUAL Starcraft Medic had with hers – namely Optic Flare's vision banning; that would honestly be interesting to see, considering how rare vision ban is in this game.

The grenade talents are just the beginning of my issues with Morales:

2. Medivac


Medivac could be more elegant; right now it's used as an impromptu iceblock / bunker but you can't get out of it once you get in. Also its uses for cheese strats annoy me when it should be used to make useful tactical rotations or retreats. It should only be able to set a destination to areas of the battleground where there is vision. Passengers and even Morales herself should be able to exit or cancel the Medivac the same as Blaze can exit Bunker.

3. Stim Drone and Morales's Niche as a Physical Damage ADC Pocket Healer

Morales is (by design) a very risky and ineffective front line healer or healer of highly mobile assassins such as Tracer, having such short range on her heal beam that she is asking to take huge collateral damage or get engaged on and die if she tries to walk up and heal a front liner in the middle of a fight (holla @ my Bronze/Silver Moraleses!). After her rework her self healing is very slow, similar to Ana so she can't afford to expose herself to damage unnecessarily. Her damage contribution from her own autos and skills is low even for a Healer. She is basically meant to latch on to a powerful sustain damage back liner or ADC and keep them alive and give them more value in that department than other healers. She's basically like Auriel except without the dependence on dealing damage to provide heals, but with a much shorter leash range to her partner. That's all fine as long as the healing she can provide in that role is worth the trade off, and I'm not sure that it is.

My issue is that the main way Morales enhances a damage carry aside from simply keeping it alive is through her ults, both of which have problems: Stim Drone provides a burst of damage and mobility on a long cooldown, while Medivac provides a panic Bunker-style escape or fast, surprising rotations. Both are fine in concept but in execution in most games neither Level 10 feels as good as I would like. I would prefer to see Stim Drone play more like Auriel's Level 16 talent >, something that has a great deal more uptime, since Auto Attack heroes are about sustained damage winning a battle of attrition, they are NOT usually about winning a fight in ten seconds or less, which is what Stim Drone promotes (and why it often doesn't get much value). I think Stim Drone should just be a passive addition to Morales' Heal Beam, providing an attack speed and move speed bonus as long as the beam stays connected. I think this creates some interesting counterplay options to an enemy team, where they could focus on disrupting or separating the Morales from her pocket to shut this down.

TL;DR: I don't like Morales's Grenade talents or Ults. I feel they promote cheesy or downright bad gameplay. As some suggestions to fix: give Grenade an additional charge baseline, allow Morales and her Passengers to get in and out of Medivac before it launches like Bunker, allow Medivac to set destinations only to places where there is vision, and make Stim Drone a Stim Beam with shorter cooldown that enhances whoever Morales is healing.

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