Heroes of the Storm

Suppose Blizzard is able to pull off a Bungie, what will happen then? What are your other wishes?

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Suppose Blizzard is able to pull off a Bungie, what will happen then? What are your other wishes?

5o98h7i5px861 - Suppose Blizzard is able to pull off a Bungie, what will happen then? What are your other wishes?

Heroes of the Storm, a symbol of defiance against Activision's damages. Still pressing on despite massive resource reduction.

Bungie's feat of breaking off from Activision was an eye-opener to me. Makes me hope that if Bungie can do that, can Blizzard? Besides the fact that if it breaks off, a lot of collateral damage in monetary terms might happen, what else do you think will happen?

I, for one, would be joyous at the day the moment the industry finally steroidifies their balls against Booby Cuntdick, and that it gives Blizzard the momentum to break off. Another news that I've heard of is that recently, shareholders to EA backed down and rejected the company's executive compensation plan.


This news only bolsters my hope of redemption. If Auriel and Tyrael were real, I'd want to ask for a little bit more hope and finally some justice for Blizzard after years of abuse. The scars of 2018 still glow hot in my memories, and 2019 with the Hong Kong crap only made the ember hotter. Cuntdick recently closing the offices in The Hague and in Versailles after a huge goal was met, so that he can suck the money up his ass like an enema.


If Sanctuary's Universe were real, I'd gladly mark Booby's soul for Malthael to reap for plain sustenance instead of his soul going to Hell, as Diablo may be able to supplant Greed with him instead.

I have gushed out my honesty, and I don't care if they see me here. What can they do to me, anyway? I didn't load anything in my wallet. All I am is a free-model player and a fanfic writer, yet that does not mean I do not care about the company at all.

Blizzard has been a huge portion of my childhood since Warcraft III and all the way back to Diablo I-II and StarCraft Classic & BW. Lucky that SC: Remastered wasn't fucked over like WC3 Reforged.

All I ask for this new year of 2021 is for Blizzard to be freed like the way Medivh was from Fel Corruption. or, at the least, given an opening to start liberation. The damages Activsion has done is massive like a cancer patch threatening to engulf an entire organ. I am willing to be one of those that voice against the avaricious bastard.

And if it does get freed, I hope Morhaime and the vets get their dear baby back. I know Dreamhaven is a separate company, but I hope it will be together with Blizz instead of Activishit.


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