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Tassadar Rework Feedback – From a Tassadar Main

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Tassadar Rework Feedback - From a Tassadar Main

Hello everyone! I don't post here often but since my favorite character and namesake (my Battletag is Tassadar) finally got his full rework, I figured this would be a good time to post my first discussion! Before I get started, I want to take a moment to say thanks to the HotS team for making a truly exceptional kit for Tassadar! He's so much fun now and he no longer feels like this odd-man out support character.

I would love to see some changes to Tassadar to round out his kit and make him perfect (imo).

Base Kit

  • Shock Ray (Q) – Give us the option to cancel the channel if needed. I would love it where it was locked for a half-second so you don't accidentally cancel the ability right after casting, but can bail if you need to, or wall up after getting that hit to trap your opponent. I'd also like to see a slight damage increase. Yes, I know, it's strong, but it does require Tassadar to stand still for 2 seconds and this is his main source of damage. Chromie hits harder than Tassadar with similar systems, though this does get very strong as you pick talents and complete that base quest.
  • Force Wall (E) – Remove the 0.5 second delay. This is already one of the longest cooldowns for a base-power in the game, and with the small delay in the wall actually fully forming, it's too big of a delay to be controlled easily. While I understand this gives Tassadar some mastering ability, it does scare away newer players as it takes some real time to get used to. Also, as Tass has NO form of escape or CC aside from the wall, having a 21 second CD should result in a more responsive execution. Easy to return it's gameplay to his previous build, but keep the high CD.


  • Level 1 – No changes! These are all brilliant and give him a wonderful start to each build path.
  • Level 4 – Plasma Shield – Remove the requirement of a fully charged beam. Have the shield start to build as soon as he starts attacking as you're sacrificing move speed from the Q upgrade.
  • Level 7 – No changes! Another excellent talent tree that each gives a strong bonus based on which build you're running and all can be picked up with any build tbh.
  • Level 13 – Shadow Walk – Reduce the cooldown, at least by half. A 60-second CD is heroic ability-levels, and you're only gaining movement speed and invisibility. If this was Dimensional Shift, I could see the long CD making sense, but with a 60-second CD, it's just not a worthy talent to take unless you want to cheese Black Hole engagements.
  • Level 13 – Oracle – Increase the healing slightly. It's a great talent, but you should never be standing still for that long that this slight tick will make any difference. Either make it more impactful or remove.
  • Level 16 – No changes! Perhaps Tassadar's best talents. Every one of these is incredibly strong, though you're almost always going to want to take Thermal Lance.
  • Level 20 – Twilight Archon – I can't find original notes for some reason but it feels like either the decay or the time extension is worse than his original TA talent.
  • Level 20 – Kugelblitz – I'm honestly not sure how to change this to make it worth picking, but it feels very week for a level 20 talent. Possibly start a chain reaction of psionic storms every 0.5 seconds along the path of Black Hole to make it more of an all-around AOE spell pick.
  • Level 20 – Force Barrier – Drop the CD more. If I'm going to dump my final talent into my wall, I want it to be incredibly strong, near original level 20 wall levels. Maybe not quite 4-5 seconds CD, but I would like to see 7-8 second CD's.

As I said, these are all based on opinion and I think these changes would aid in giving Tass an overall stronger identity than mages like Chromie. Overall I'm incredibly happy with the rework, and with a strong front line, Tassadar can be devastating. He just needs a little more love to get there and I think it's easy to make that happen. Slight adjustments and making him a little more powerful would be fantastic and it would put him in a great spot!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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