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Tauren Spirit Walker [Support Hero Concept]

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Tauren Spirit Walker [Support Hero Concept]

Tauren Spirit Walker (from WC3) hero who turns bruisers and heroes with high self-sustain into healers, and turns one hero into a friendly ghost who's revealed (to the enemy team) & empowered by his lantern but goes invisible when they leaves its illumination.

Passive Trait Aura; Allies who self-heal and self-shield in aura heal and shield all other allied heroes in its range for 30% of the value. Basic abilities disable this aura for 3 seconds.

D Trait Active; Puts a hat on allied hero (or self) that gives them 1% self healing for all damage dealt while in the aura, and stealths them when they leave it. Hat is not lost upon breaking stealth, entering aura breaks hat-stealth. Has a lengthy CD

Q; Enchanted Embers. Swings this hero's spiritual lantern, doing light damage to enemies in an arc, blinding and reduces its cooldown for every enemy hero hit. (Yes he's just throwing ash in the enemy's eyes, the "enchanted" part is just that it works on Illidan)

W; Disenchant. Removes negative boons from target ally hero if there are any and does AOE damage to enemies near them after 1 second.

E; Helpful Earth. Channels to increase target ally's armor when stationary, movespeed when not.


  1. Spirit Link. Passively gives self hat at all times. Activate to make all fatal damage shared between hatted targets.
  2. Mythic Convergence. Hats all nearby allied heroes.

key talents in no particular order;

  1. If Disenchant's target has no boons, its CD is halved. (lvl 1)
  2. Disenchant slows enemies it damages if the target had boons. (Lvl 1)
  3. Quest: Every time Throw Embers damages one enemy hero, increase its damage by 1%, 0.1% for every minion killed while silenced by it. After 20%, its CD reduction is doubled (lvl 1)
  4. Quest: Gather 30 regen orbs. Reward: The aura becomes global while there's another hero inside it and this hero is stationary. Now also affects minions. Also can now hat one non-hero non-structure non-boss to extend the aura affect to it as well.* (lvl 1)
  5. Hat automatically goes to self if target is lost, and its CD is sped up while it's on somebody else (lvl 3)
  6. Disenchant silences and refreshes the blind duration on enemies it damages that are blinded by Throw Embers. (lvl 3)
  7. Activatable that gives hat target immunity to physical damage. CD reduced by self & hat target AA & spell damage taken (lvl 3)
  8. If the Disenchant target is hatted, it applies Taunt to damaged enemies (lvl 7)
  9. Hat target generates an illusion that continues its last order when stealthed by the hat (level 13)
  10. Helpful Earth is no longer channeled. (lvl 17)
  11. Can cast basic abilities from hatted target regardless of range. (lvl 17)
  12. Spirit Link grants immunity to CC below 10% health. (If this hero gets dived on they can pop ult and channel Helpful Earth on the hatted target to grant armor & multiply the damage you both can survive, and you can't be stunned out of the combo until Spirit Link ends) (lvl 20)
  13. While Mythic Convergence is active basic abilities no longer disable the aura, and the trait can be activated to disable the aura and extend the length of the ult by one second to freely re-apply stealth, which is no longer broken by the aura. (lvl 20)
  14. Dying turns this hero into a spirit who continues providing its passive and active trait. All shared healing heals this spirit, at 100% health the hero revives on the spot. (lvl 20)
  15. Hat's self-healing increased by %10,000 (to 100% dmg dealt) (lvl 20)
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* (This is a consolation that makes this hero useable with abathur, but it is mostly a joke trait. 30 regen orbs takes a long time. Buut, that said, if you look at talents 7, 8, 9, 11 or 15 IE the talents that give this hero a combo where they blind, silence & taunt enemies into attacking the one with the hat and makes it faster or harder to kill, it doesn't say the person they're blinded silenced & forced to AA has to be a hero. And Monstrosity can do a lot of damage. And now it's self healing off that dmg or all damage dealt by minions anywhere. And it's faster, and can stealth, and can throw an illusion. 30 orbs is a lot, but, is it that much??)

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