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hi' as fan of Blizzard games i love making team based on Race or Faction … (Role Playing)

so let see from Blizzard Franchise how many team we can make based on races


eqiYD08 - Teams with Race

about Greymane i know he is worgen not human but the Gelnias are humans who cursed to be worgen so i think he have place in this team and for medivh i understand he is the Guardian and he more like "god" not human but he look like human mage

i think you can build good team with humans they dont have main tank but Taunt Varian can be good tank and he can protect his team mates very well

for damge dealers Jaina and greymane can do very good job ( jaina have good area damge and grey is one of the best singel target damge hero) and with varian taunt it will be much eazy for them to secure the kills

they have 3 good healers and for the 5th place you can use Uther as tanky healer who help Varian in the front or Medivh as support who can save his team mates and do good damge

0FbEegC - Teams with Race

Rexxar is half ogre half orc so he can fight with the orcs

in this team you have many options for sure Garrosh and Rehgar will tank and heal and 90% Gul'dan will be the main damge dealer

Thrall Rexxar and samuro are very stong heroes in solo lane and they can be helpfull in team fight

this team have strong CC good in lanes and good self sustain

iOT0Oit - Teams with Race
Night Elves

Lunara is not night elf but they Dryds allways help the night elves so i think she have place in this team and they have purpel skin 😉

they have no Tank or bruiser so its gonna be hard to play as night elves themed team but if they play safe they have chance to win

what i like about this team they have great combos and they can focus 1 target and secure fast kill

for example : Maive pull target into Malfurion root Tyrande stun this target and use the trait on him then Lunara with Illidan attack and kill him fast

and with 2 healers they can survive team fights but its hard to fight against heroes like anub'arak or genji because they can dive and focus the healers

well i hope someday we get tank night elf maybe Broll Bearmantle as Druid of the Claw who transform to bear

but for now its very hard to play as night elves team

zeBDke5 - Teams with Race

like the night elves they miss very importnt role "a healer" and if they have one they can be one of the strongest themed teams

3 of this tanks are the best in the game and with the Strong CC they have they will make Kel'thuzad job much more eazy

even Sylvanas after the rework have very strong damge and she still good solo laner

i dont know a undead character who can be healer but i hope someday we will get the undead healer



HMlT8hp - Teams with Race

this team have strong AA damge and if you use Hammer your morales will be well protected and the enemy divers cant focus you

but this team have some problems they lack the mobility so if you play against heroes like Garrosh or stitches on hook or throw you will be dead they dont have good CC and they are very eazy to counter because they focus to much on the AA the enemy team can counter with blind or long range assassins like chromie and Hanzo

overall not bad team and they can be strong in maps like BoE and most of the team fight battlegrounds

TmrL8aG - Teams with Race

they dont have main tank and the damge is not very good but with the help of abathur they can survive fights and he can help to deal good damge

all of them are very strong solo laners and aba is good in split push so in battlegrounds like Dragon shire or Braxis they have good chance

they have good CC and they can do great combos together

KZ4PKrM - Teams with Race

other team with no healer and they dont have main tank but i think artanis can do well in the front

its very hard to play as protoss team but they are fast strong and have good mobilty and they can do very strong combos

so overall i will not say its safe to play this team and i hope someday we get healer like maybe Karax or Rohana and tank like Talandar


blk6Qw8 - Teams with Race

finally a team with many choices 🙂 , so this team have everything Johanna is good main tank , Sonya and Xul both great bruiser and solo laner , Kharazim and Cain have Different play style and both are very usefull , Ming and Nazeebo both goof mages 1 great in team fights maps the other good in team fights and solo lane and Valla with Cassia good singel target damge deaers and both have very different play style

"we have other Diablo teams but not complete"

ZovMaZ1 - Teams with Race

very strong front and not bad damge but they lack the area damge so i hope someday Itherael will make it to the Neus and maybe as mage

hUkZZNw - Teams with Race

not bad team Diablo is very strong tank Azmodan and Mephisto have good Aoe damge and singel target damge and if Butcher can stack he will be a monster with the help of Diablo CC

they dont have heal and maybe Belial will become a demon healer

so what is your best themed team and why ?

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