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Tell me what to do about this..

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Tell me what to do about this..

So first off: I am normally around diamond, I´m not perfect and sometimes I screw up. I own it and apologize to the team if I manage to throw and I try to better myself whenever I play, I watch my replays and make notes for what I should/ should not do in the next session.

I actively try to communicate in draft, suggesting comps, picks etc. I ask if people want to use VoIP and if not I just try to actively and helpfully ping people to do things. It has in the past seasons when I played helped quite a lot and moved me upwards. But the two most recent seasons have been so frustrating in particular with this last one finally getting to me.

All 20 placement matches (from last 2 seasons) has had 70% of games with either someone disconnecting causing the team to instantly give up, some dude that starts insulting the others already in draft, picks random useless character and just AFK´s in a lane, or just straight up dying over and over. It´s super frustrating! No matter how obnoxiously positive I try to be, these games turn into absolute shit shows with people behaving like monkies throwing feces at each other.

Ok fine. I get placed into gold. I can work myself upward, np.


But every 3rd or 2nd game I get matched with a bunch of people that either picks D List heroes with no synergy or just behave like above example which makes it even more frustrating to play. I am actually getting to the point that I dread queuing more than 2-3 games in a row for fear of ending up in these kind of games because they are 15 minutes of absolute gore.

I get it, if you are THAT good, you can go bronze-GM, there is a lot I can improve on but what do you say to yourself after a game where you ping, soak, join team fight, try to communicate what we should do etc. and don´t take unnecessary deaths only to have 2-3 people have a cringe fest of insults (not even good insults!!!) for the entire match. How am I going to improve out of that? I´m playing a moba game, not "support group simulator 2018".

Read:  When you play with people who are above you, play Supports! Or at least, do not snap-pick your favourite Hero!

Please tell me someone else suffers from this. I can take a loss due to misplays, hell I can even take a loss I CAUSED. but when you lose because your team consists of 2 bots or just people unwilling to cooperate, even the slightest. What. do. you. do?

tl:dr Tilt rant gitgud lol.

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