Heroes of the Storm

Thank you for stitches!

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Thank you for stitches!

My main character I love to play is stitches, I played him in alpha and I’ve always loved him at his best and worst but I have always wished that in some way I could do more for my team beyond the hook. The changes made to him in this patch excelled my expectations of what I wanted to what I got. The slow on the inner slam is fantastic and being able to have a real choice of talents is satisfying. While I did not test every single talent out I can say I tried most of them tonight and what I realized was how badly he needed changed to properly utilize his big health pool with his abilities. The hook that can chunk 5% health off feels great when facing off against multiple tanks or tanks heroes and a Cho’gall on the enemy team made my night so if I happened to get him instead of his healer I did bring him out of position with a sizable amount of damage done. Level 4 attack speed on slam combined with lvl 7 health recover on attack speed and level 1 gaining movement speed and max health combo’d together really nicely and to add on to that if you go with 40% damage done from a target by doing devour on them he became really good at trading 1v1. Finally at level 20 his large amount of armor and passively not going below 100% movement speed synergizes so well with gorge (not to mention fishing hook) that I can’t imagine not taking it whenever I go gorge.


Finally the big lovable bear skin for stitches stole the show for me, I feel so deranged and yet adorable as I go on a killing spree as this big toy bear! Thank you so much for this loving on stitches!!!

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