Heroes of the Storm

The Basics – Roles: Healer

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - The Basics - Roles: Healer

Welcome to the Weekly Basic's Discussion where this week we will feature a discussion about the role

that was defined in the new Blizzard Roles system. These discussions are targeted at those looking to learn or brush up on a roles core principles, common practices, and mistakes to avoid.

The Healer Role (Link) in the new role system are heroes that focus primarily on direct healing and damage mitigation. Prior to the rework, healers were identified as "Supports" and as a result, a number of articles that are referenced might refer to the role as support.

  • *The Healer's Handbook by u/ZeroMax1(Link) – Defines healing as four practices:

    • Avoiding death – It is important for supports to skillfully avoid dying in order to be able to sustain the team.
    • Good Positioning – Supports should be positioning between the front and back lines, and always present for team fights.
    • Managing Resources – It is important for healers to manage their mana and cooldowns and use them only when appropriate.
    • Executing Saves – Many healers have abilities that can save a teammate from immediate death through skillful execution.
  • Healing Videos – Illustrating the healing practices:

    • *HotS Healer Guide by Lord Jaraxxus
    • Positioning Guide w/Nubkeks
  • What makes a Good Healer by u/ZeroMax1(Link) – Defines the following as important characteristics for healers:

    • Balance between burst and sustain healing – Healers that specialize in only one type of healing usually need a support to compensate.
    • Some form of self-sustain – Healers need to be able to heal themselves reliably.
    • Utility – Healers need some type of utility besides healing in order to be viable on the team.
    • Escapes – Healers need to be able to escape in some way if they are being focused by the enemy team.
    • Mitigation – Healers need to have some way to mitigate certain effects through the use of cleanses or other heroic abilities.


  • Do you think the new role system is a step in the right direction towards improving matchmaking?
  • What interests you about the healer role in HotS?
  • What strengths and weaknesses do you consider when choosing a healer in ranked and unranked matches?
  • Do you have any principles or practice you follow when playing a healer in HotS?
  • What common mistakes do you typically encounter with healers in your games & how do you work around them?
  • What is holding you back from playing as a healer?
  • Do you think the heroes identified in HotS as healers is accurate or do some of those heroes need reworks/redesign to fit the role of healer?
  • Do you have any guides or highlights to share that helped you understand or learn how to play a healer?

Please feel free to share any questions or opinions you have about the healer role.

The New Player Guide wiki (Link) features links to healer articles. We plan to update the section with new content about the role rework as it develops and incorporate the feedback from this discussion as well.

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