Heroes of the Storm

The Basics – Roles: Tanks & Tanking

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - The Basics - Roles: Tanks & Tanking

Welcome to the Weekly Basic's Discussion where for the next few months there will be feature discussions about
hero role expansion 2019 3 18 - The Basics - Roles: Tanks & TankingBlizzard Roles system. These discussions are targeted at those looking to learn or brush up on a roles core principles, common practices, and mistakes to avoid.

Last week's Tank Role Discussion (Link) outlined the core tanking practices, types of tanks, and tank synergies in Heroes of the Storm. This week's discussion will close out the topic of tanking with a deep dive reviewing articles about vision, engaging, and shotcalling.

  • Back to the Basics: Vision by /u/Moonprayer
    (Link) – Last week's discussion outlined the tanking practice of anchoring and being a mobile ward, this article outlines the basics of vision:

    • Vision – Knowing where your opponents are at through the use of abilities and strategic positioning.
    • Vision control – Evaluating and putting a value on how well you or your team can get the control (just in terms of vision) around an area.
    • Objective – Vision over key areas of the battleground enables faster/safer rotations and creates opportunities to interrupt the opponent's rotations (usually during objectives)
  • Back to the Basics: Engage by
    Moonprayer - The Basics - Roles: Tanks & Tanking/u/Moonprayer –
    (Link) – Last week's discussion outlined the tanking practice of engaging, this article outlines the types of engagements as:

    • Hard engage/dive – Easiest to initiate but dependent on how coordinated your team is to follow-up.
    • Slow engage/poke – Opposite of dive, if the team composition has heroes with long distant abilities use this form of engagement.
    • Flanking – Engage a target from multiple angles to divide the opponents' defense.
    • Counter Engage – Use hero abilities to isolate an opponent when they begin an engagement in order to engage on that target instead.
  • How Engaging Works – Counterplay and Reliability with
    CavalierGuest - The Basics - Roles: Tanks & Tanking/u/CavalierGuest –

    – Tanks have different types of engagement valued by the capability to be countered and how reliable they are to execute.
  • Education Lounge: Shotcalling with /u/michaeludall /u/CavalierGuest & Heartless
    (Link) – The culmination of all the tanking practices is to make sense of a chaotic environment and create opportunities to lead through keeping these shotcalling tips in mind:

    • Shotcalling – There are different styles based on the social situation & team structure try to determine which style before the match.
    • Trust – It is important to trust the shotcaller even if you disagree, review the call afterward if needed.
    • Communication – Be positive, compliment good plays, avoid giving negative feedback during the game, and make good use of Alt+Ping commands.
    • Step up if no one is going to – Shotcalling can make a difference, if no one is doing it and you know what to do, give it a try.
  • The Most Common Shotcalling Mistake with /u/UnbiasedBob a.k.a NotParadox

    • The Bystander Effect(Link)
    • Issue – If others are around people sometimes assume other people will do something that needs to be done.
    • Shotcaller – Identifies who on the team should do what and specifically calls out individuals to do it.


  • Do you prioritize creating opportunities through vision?
  • Do you have any tips for creating opportunities through vision on specific battlegrounds?
  • What type of engagements do you favor as a tank or player?
  • Do you think Storm League or the ranks in the league favors certain types of engagements?
  • Do you value shotcalling in your matches and if no one is shotcalling do you step up?
  • Do you have any tips for shotcalling that you find work well?

Please share any questions or opinions you have about tanking with regards to using vision, engaging, or shotcalling.

The New Player Guide wiki (Link) features links to tanking articles. We plan to update the section with new content about the role rework as it develops and incorporate the feedback from this discussion as well.

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