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The best underdog Heroes and specs for Heroes Brawl! (Builds Included)

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - The best underdog Heroes and specs for Heroes Brawl! (Builds Included)

Hey everyone, so after 1500+ brawl games I've noticed some (builds on) heroes are extremely strong but almost no one picks up. This is purely based on my personal experience: seeing these builds or heroes being played and just reacting like "Wow that's strong…".

Note: I know there are many more extremely powerful builds, but here are just the 'underdog' builds and heroes that not a lot of people appreciate.

  • Leoric Q/W build. Here are some Typical stats in match. The amount of sustain healing and sustain damage is insane. Of course you shouldnt die non-stop, but even if you do, you'll respawn extremely fast in brawl. Lvl 20 Death March (applies talented Drain Hope to all nearby enemies with huge range!) can melt entire teams while making yourself invinsible. Getting 20 as Leoric is almost a guaranteed win with this build.
  • Stukov (Trait) build – Targeted Excision – I'm gonna go ahead and say that this is literally the best healer build currently in Heroes Brawl. It's not very easy to play, because it means you need to land your Weighted Pustule (which will have a low cooldown because of your lvl 1 quest) on exactly 1 enemy hero. Using your Trait will reset the cooldown to 5 seconds (instead of 15) while healing your team for a huge amount. Just yesterday I did over 300k healing in 20 minutesYour rotation would be: Q (wait till 2 or 3 allies are affected) > W on 1 enemy hero > Wait for all allies to be affected by your Q > Detonate before W wears off > Cooldown of your traits resets to 5 seconds > Rinse and repeat.
  • Leoric E build. Almost the same as the previous build, but with picking up the E talents at 13 and 16. This reduces the damage of the whole enemy team almost 24/7 by 50%. Very strong.
  • Alexstrasza (E) build. A pretty skilled player is needed for this, because you constantly have to multitask. Especially against frontline-heavy comps, your lvl 7 talent makes it so you can constantly heal yourself to full. The same as Leoric's Death March, Alex' lvl 20 talent 'Ancient Flame' makes you almost INVULNERABLE during Dragon Form, while dealing huge amounts of damage and huge healing, and reducing the CD of your dragon extremely fast because of your lvl 1 talent. Definitely worth a try!
  • Anduin (W) build with Inner Focus – Anduin's reworked lvl 13 Speed of the Pious talent (While Divine Star is traveling, gain 30% Movement Speed. Each allied Hero healed by Divine Star on its return to Anduin reduces its cooldown by 1 second) is now extremely strong in Heroes Brawl. hitting 5 heroes will often mean that by the time divine star is returned to you, it only has 3 seconds of cooldown left. Comboing this with his lvl 16 "Inner Focus" (Activate to reset the cooldown of Flash Heal and its next cast heals for 40% more. Damaging enemy Heroes with Divine Star reduces this cooldown by 8 seconds) gives so many resets on your Q with +40% healing. Definitely THE go-to build with Anduin right now!
  • Dehaka (W) Bullet Sponge – You won't be the best disrupter, but damn, Dehaka becomes a huge bullet sponge with full W build. Every hero hit gives an essense stack, while not having a cooldown, and giving you 50 spell armor. So you have 50 spell armor, huge heals from essence, adaptation…. Extremely strong against poke-heavy comps and frontline-heavy comps. Less good against AD carries like Zul'jin and Valla, though.
  • Junkrat (Q)- Infinite Nades – People will sometimes rage at me for not taking the Rip-tire upgrade at 20 – yes it's extremely strong, but with his lvl 16 talent "Endless Nades" (Hitting an enemy hero with Frag Launcer reduces its cooldown by 1.5 seconds) will give you pretty much an infinite amount of grenades. Just wildly shoot you grenades towards the enemy team and the cooldown will most likely reset before you run out of charges. In my opinion BY FAR(!!!) the best lvl 16 talent, while almost NO ONE picks it up. His rip-tyre upgrade at lvl 20 is still a good choice, though.
  • Li Li tank/dps (Trait) build – Yes I know it's weird, but seriously, try it! If the enemy team has a lot of trickle damage (because Li Li's trait triggers when taking any damage, including minion waves, dots, spawns, etc…) her trait will be active a lot! This means infinite mana, fast cooldowns, and a lot of damage! It's probably not S tier or the best when you're the only support, but I've had succes as solo support tank!
  • Zarya – Just Zarya in general. I don't even know why, but she just WRECKS in brawl. I can't remember when a good player with her was NOT topping the damage charts, while offering shields, and a really strong ultimate.

If I missed some more underdog builds, let me know! I'm always up to learn from other people's experiences!

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