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The Cassia Rework is Almost Perfect, an Amazing Job by the Devs. One Last QoL Change to be Perfect

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - The Cassia Rework is Almost Perfect, an Amazing Job by the Devs. One Last QoL Change to be Perfect

Now, a lot of people have a pet peeve that I share about calling a buff a QoL change, but this is one in the truest sense of the phrase, and will make playing her a lot less literal painful experience. Now, I don't mean that figuratively. She's a blast to play and her rework is amazing now that the kinks have been ironed out, but since you never get a chance to rest your hand in a couple games in a row of Cassia, your hand will hurt.

I'm sitting at GM#12 right now and have played way too much of this game, but the only time my hands hurt like they do playing Cassia now was two years ago when I was scrimming two years ago six hours a day. One of my old teammates that was our team's ranged DPS player and was GM#1 a week or two ago played a game of Cassia last night. Afterwards his hand hurt enough playing her that he didn't want to play her anymore regardless of how good she was. Now two of his favourite heroes are Greymane and Valla so he's no stranger stutter stepping constantly, and if there's one ranged assassin that makes his hand hurt and others don't, there's a problem. Add to that, I've personally seen it from multiple Cassia mains on this subreddit since her rework that they were having significantly increased hand pains as well.

So this is an issue, no one should be sacrificing their current and future health of their hands to play a game. So, we need to look at how Cassia is much rougher to play on your hands than any other hero. The issue obviously stems from her trait, which punishes you up to three seconds in the future for sitting still for one second. This game is fast paced and there are a lot of times where you can't exactly predict what three seconds in the future will look like. This leads to a situation where you would normally be able to rest/stretch your hand like waiting in a bush for a gank, pushing a structure with no heroes nearby, or even just waiting for the objective to spawn where you have to hold right click and constantly jiggle your mouse so you don't lose your armor. Now we obviously can't do anything about losing your armor while pushing a structure, but Cassia players need to have some opportunity in a game to rest their hands, so the solution lies in the situation where you're just waiting for something.


The QoL change is as follows:

While mounted her trait needs to be active while not moving as well.

This only really gives her an opportunity to sit still in a bush, or behind a tower while there's nothing for the Cassia player to be doing anyway. If she's in combat she will be dismounted if she wants to do damage or is taking it, so it definitely won't be a buff.

There's no in game situation where this will actually be a buff, as any situation where she's mounted and standing still the player could be jiggling their mouse to maintain her armor. This is a completely unintuitive and unnecessary moment to have in a situation where players would normally have an opportunity to rest their hands. I believe that that's where the problem is, as neither myself nor my teammate are having this issue with any other AA assassin in the game. This is a true QoL change, and I'd really like to see it in the game, as I love playing Cassia, and I love the rework. I truly want to be able to play her as much as any other ranged assassin.

If anyone could ping a dev for me, I don't know how. I'd really like them to see this as I know they're awesome and won't want anyone to be sacrificing the health of their hand to play this game.

tl;dr Cassia rework almost perfect, hand pain, QoL change to her mount to make her trait active while sitting still mounted

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