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The CCL so far, Week 5

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - The CCL so far, Week 5



Hello everyone! Week 5 of the Heroes Hearth CCL has officially come to a close! It was an exciting full weekend of Heroes of the Storm action. On Saturday, 12.5, Wildheart Esports was able to beat out 30K 3-2 in an intense back-and-forth series. Granit Gaming stunned the CCL by upsetting previously undefeated Oxygen Esports 3-2, barely holding off the reverse sweep from Oxygen Esports. On Sunday 12.6, Sidestep Kings 3-0’d Chilly Mountain, and Crowd Control 3-0’d Simplicity in a much shorter second day of action.


  1. Crowd Control (4-1, +8)
  2. Oxygen Esports (4-1, +7)
  3. Wildheart Esports (4-1, +6)
  4. 30K (2-3, +1)
  5. Sidestep Kings (2-3, -1)
  6. Granit Gaming (2-3, -2)
  7. Simplicity (2-3, -4)
  8. Chilly Mountain (0-5, -15)

Week 5 has left us with a clearly defined upper echelon of teams and highly contested midfield. The only outlier is Chilly Mountain, who have essentially secured a last place 8th seed in the playoffs. Chilly Mountain will likely have to face the gauntlet of the rest of the CCL in order to have a chance at winning the playoffs.


  • 6th placed Granit Gaming will faceoff against 8th placed Chilly Mountain as the opening series of Week 6. Granit stunned the CCL with a surprise upset against Oxygen Esports, and is looking to move out of the lower half of teams. If they were to secure a 3-0 against Chilly Mountain, they would place serious pressure on their Week 7 opponent in 30K
  • 4th placed 30K will play against a 5th placed Sidestep Kings in Week 6. If 30K is able to retain their hold of 4th place, they will be on estimated even footing against Granit Gaming in Week 7. If the Sidestep Kings were to win against 30K, they would take control of 4th place and deny 30K crucial placement and map score points going into Week 7. SSK would faceoff against Wildheart in Week 7, making the points gained or lost less crucial than 30k v. Granit's Week 7 series.
  • 3rd placed Wildheart Esports will face 7th placed Simplicity on the second day of Week 6. Wildheart is looking to be the favorite and needs a 3-0 to remain in the running for 1st overall. Wildheart is currently in 3rd place, 2 points behind Crowd Control and 1 point behind Oxygen Esports. If they were to take a 3-0 against Simplicity, it would force both Oxygen Esports and Crowd Control to win their remaining series in dominant fashion in order to keep up with Wildheart. Simplicity must win or go to all five games against Wildheart in order to stay in the midfield race. If they were to lose, they would have to face Oxygen Esports in Week 7 in what should be a tough final matchup. Facing the threat of being 7th place going into the playoffs, Simplicity must pull out a miracle to avoid facing off against Chilly Mountain and the rest of the CCL in playoffs.
  • The final Week 6 match will have a 1st placed Crowd Control v. 2nd placed Oxygen Esports. This series has huge playoff implications as both teams are in the running for first overall. If Crowd Control win this series, first place is likely guaranteed as they will only have Chilly Mountain left to play in Week 7. If Oxygen Esports were to win, they would reclaim their first place position and have tiebreaker advantage over Crowd Control and Wildheart Esports if the season were to end with all three teams having similar series and map score. Winning this series is critical for Oxygen Esports if they want to end the regular season on top.
  • The Waiver Wire deadline is December 11th. This means that on December 12th, all teams will be locked in and no more roster moves will be allowed. Rosters will be finalized for playoffs, with special exceptions allowed for emergency and extreme situations that are unlikely to begin with.

Week 6 is looking to be an exciting week with serious playoff position implications. Credit to the CCL for creating the most exciting Heroes of the Storm action that we have seen in a long time. See you all at the end of Week 6!

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