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The CCL so far, Week 6!

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - The CCL so far, Week 6!

The CCL So Far, Week 6!

Hello everyone! Week 6 of the Heroes Hearth CCL has officially come to a close! This weekend hosted some of the craziest storylines so far. With a heart full of joy, I can finally say that CHILLY MOUNTAIN HAVE WON THEIR FIRST SERIES! WELL DONE! Here is a quick recap of series that we witnessed this weekend:

Week 6 results

  • Granit Gaming v. Chilly Mountain

What a stunner this series was. Granit Gaming was coming fresh off a surprise series win against Oxygen Esports while Chilly Mountain was still looking for their first map win of the season. The gears on the Chilly Mountain Squad finally locked into place in Game 2, and Granit Gaming couldn't find an answer. Makke said in the post-series interview that "We didn't throw today" and that he "…did not expect us to win today…right now we are only focused on playoffs." Chilly Mountain treated the series like a scrim block, and were rewarded with not only their first map win, but their first series win of the season. Congrats to Chilly Mountain! This was a tough loss for Granit Gaming as it eliminated their chances of breaking into the Top 4 and chasing down 30K in Week 7.

  • Side Step Kings v. 30K

Truthfully didn't expect this series to go this deep and this series wasn't that interesting to watch. Despite a rather boring series for viewers, the implications for the teams were enormous. This was a must win for 30K as a loss would mean that Sidestep Kings would have a chance at leapfrogging them in the standings. Unfortunately for Sidestep Kings, the Vikings couldn't carry them in Game 5 to a series win, and Sidestep Kings will be locked into the playoff gauntlet. This felt like a closer series than it needed to be, with 30K doing what they needed to do in order to keep their Top 3 hopes alive.

  • Wildheart v. Simplicity

This felt like another series that was closer than it needed to be. Simplicity came out of the gates with a statement Game 1, signaling to Wildheart that they weren't going to roll over and give up the series. Wildheart came back to take Game 2 and Game 3, with Simplicity again coming back and equalizing the series at 2-2. And then Game 5 happened and Wildheart completely obliterated Simplicity as it felt that Wildheart were just toying with their food. It's promising to see signs of life at Simplicity as they head into Week 7. For Wildheart, this series hinted that the only people capable of beating Wildheart are themselves.

  • Crowd Control v. Oxygen Esports

This was poised to be the jewel of the weekend and it didn't disappoint. Oxygen came out swinging in an absurdly dominant Game 1 on Dragon Shire in which it felt like something was seriously wrong in the Crowd Control camp. It seemed like Crowd Control only needed the Game 1 loss to adequately warm-up, however, as they rallied back to win Game 2 on Sky Temple. Game 3 turned into one of the single most stressful games in the CCL so far, as we were treated to a back-and-forth 30+ minute Volskaya Foundry game that ended up being taken by Oxygen. Oxygen appeared to run out of gas after Game 3, as Crowd Control were able to come back from the 2-1 deficit and win the series 3-2. Crowd Control have now clinched their Top 3 ticket, and are strong contenders for the 1st overall seed in the playoffs. Oxygen is now left with a 2-series losing streak and a Top 3 ticket barely slipping out of their hands this week. They will look to rally back and finally grab their Top 3 ticket in Week 7.



With these results, that brings us to some interesting conclusions. Crowd Control and Wildheart have punched their tickets to the Top 3, leaving Oxygen Esports and 30K one final ticket to a guaranteed Top 4 appearance for them to fight over. On the opposite side of the standings, Chilly Mountain, Simplicity, Granit Gaming, and Sidestep Kings have all clinched their spots in the single-elimination playoff gauntlet. Chilly Mountain is the only team on the lower side of the standings to clinch their position at 8th.


Week 7 matchups

  • Chilly Mountain v. Crowd Control

This will be a tough series for Chilly Mountain to secure. Both of these teams are coming off recent wins, but Crowd Control appears to be on a different level of synergy and play. I sincerely hope that Chilly Mountain treats this matchup with the same mindset and surprise Crowd Control, but I don't expect Crowd Control to lose. I predict Crowd Control taking the series over Chilly Mountain and securing first place overall.

  • Simplicity v. Oxygen Esports

Simplicity will be playing for Oxygen spoilers and placement further up the playoff gauntlet. Oxygen must win this series to punch the final Top 3 ticket in their names or risk falling into the 4th place position.. I don't expect either of these teams to roll into this series unprepared, but after a strong showing against Crowd Control this past weekend, I predict Oxygen to take this series against Simplicity and finally punch their Top 3 ticket.

  • 30K v. Granit Gaming

Depending on what happens the day before, this matchups could be a Top 3 ticket waiting to be punched for 30K. If Oxygen wins their series prior, then this matchup only becomes securing 4th for 30K. This series has greater implications for Granit Gaming as they look to stabilize themselves after a win against Oxygen Esports but a loss to Chilly Mountain. If they were to win and Sidestep Kings were to lose, they would move up the gauntlet to potentially secure the 5th position. Placement is at stake for both teams. I can't predict this series and label this as the Wildcard Matchup for Week 7.

  • Wildheart v. Sidestep Kings

Wildheart has a faint glimmer of a breath of a whisper of a wisp of a hair of a chance at securing the first place position. They would need Crowd Control to lose against Chilly Mountain, and then they would need to 3-0 Sidestep Kings to move up the standings. The chances of this are unbelievably slim, and the threat of Oxygen coming back to steal second place is more likely and very real possibility. While they do have their Top 3 ticket, their position has yet to be locked in. For Sidestep Kings, It's looking unlikely that they will catch 30K in map score. However, 5th in the gauntlet isn't as perilous as 6th or 7th, and they will look to hold their ground against Wildheart going into this final week of play. I predict that Wildheart will take this series, but I have a hunch that it will go deep.

Week 7 will finally decide the playoff standings. However, if the CCL has proven anything so far, it's that anyone can beat anyone and that surprises are always around the corner. Unfortunately we have to wait another 6 days before answers start to trickle in. Thanks again to everyone that reads this, watches and supports the CCL, and the CCL for hosting such an amazing series. See you all next week!

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