Heroes of the Storm

The CCL so far, Week 7

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - The CCL so far, Week 7

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The CCL after Week 7

Hello everyone! Week 7 of the Heroes Hearth CCL has officially come to a close! The inaugural CCL regular season is over, and we finally have placements for the playoffs. Unfortunately there were no movements in the standings from the previous week with most of the series being 3-0 sweeps. The only series to give us more than 3 games was Oxygen Esports vs. Simplicity on Day 1. Here are the results of the final regular season weekend:

Week 7 results

And here are the team standings at the end of the regular season:

The regular season standings

Now that the standings are set, we have an interesting playoff picture presented before all of us. We have two clusters of teams suggesting that there will be close action, but we might not get that miracle run we hope to see. Cluster 2 has teams Side Step Kings, Granit Gaming, and Simplicity all tightly packed. Chilly Mountain is the only outlier, but they look to be rapidly improving and a threat to the Cluster 2 teams come playoffs. However, the regular season results suggest that there is a major gap between these teams and Cluster 1. Cluster 1 consists of 30K, Oxygen Esports, Wildheart Esports, and Crowd Control. If this cluster of teams is representative of overall skill, then the Top 4 is set to provide some seriously close action. Here is the finalized playoff picture:

The playoffs

It appears that 30K are the guardians of the Top 4. Whatever teams makes it to them will certainly be deserving of the spot as there are some teams in the single-elim bracket that have improved immensely. However, a regular season performance gap of 10 points exists between Side Step Kings and 30K, making it seem likely that 30K is the favorite against whoever they face. Crowd Control will await the winner of the Round of 5, presenting a sizeable challenge to whoever manages to fight there way out of the single-elim gauntlet.


The only two matchups that we know will occur are Chilly Mountain v. Granit Gaming and Oxygen Esports v. Wildheart Esports. GG v. CM looks to be a very interesting series to watch as CM took their only win of the regular season from Granit Gaming. Granit will look to get revenge on Chilly Mountain and banish them to the 8th ranked shadow realm. One of these teams will have to face off a strong-looking Simplicity, meaning that hoever wins will certainly have their work cut out for them. Best of luck to both teams and here is hoping we get to see the start of that miracle run! OXG v. WH is our second confirmed matchup. Oxygen Esports took their win 3-1 against Wildheart in the regular season, but still finished behind them in the overall standings. It should also be noted that Wildheart was able to take their series against Crowd Control while Oxygen Esports was not, with both of these teams taking it to a five game series. Lots of questions will be answered by this series. Here is the schedule for the playoffs as I know currently:

  • Round of 8 & Round of 7: 1.9.21
  • Round of 6 & Round of 5: 1.10.21
  • Round of 4: 1.16.21
  • Losers Round 1 and Winners Finals: 1.17.21
  • Losers Finals and Grand Finals: 1.23.21

The playoffs will lay to rest the speculation that surrounds all the teams. It's looking like none of the matchups will disappoint and that we will all be treated to some truly great Heroes of the Storm action. Massive credit to everyone on the HeroesHearth side for putting together a great regular season. Operating a grassroots league like this is no easy feat, congratulations on a superb execution! Thanks again to everyone that reads this, watches and supports the CCL, have a wonderful Holiday season, be safe, and I will write again after the first weekend of playoff action concludes.

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