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The Chaos of HOTS

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - The Chaos of HOTS

The game is too chaotic for the average player. Chaos = randomness or in other words there is no 1+1=2 answer to HOTS. Other mobas have a long laning phase which establishes a stable 1+1=2 environment early/mid game.

In HOTS 5 man roaming from level 1 is a winning strategy unless the other team avoids being killed and trades forts correctly. 4-1 works sometimes, rotation ganks work sometimes. Many different comps work sometimes. There is not right or wrong answer because the game is chaotic.

Other mobas have a strict sit in lane policy that brings a very easy to learn game play. Then you have one thing to master laning or jungle. After mastering laning/jungle finally the game makes it to the more chaotic team fight stage.

Since the chaotic team fight stage is limited to later in the game there is a feeling of stability for a majority of the game.

HOTS on the other hand is basically chaotic from the start. This means the same move doesn't work every game. Sometimes you can rotate and get a gank other times you do the exact same rotation and get ganked. There is no 1+1=2 like in other mobas.

The ability to team fight right from the start at first glance makes the game seem simpler than other mobas. This is a mistake since other mobas have a safe stable early/mid game that allows people to focus on a small window of the map. In HOTS you must be constantly aware of enemy location.

In HOTS you can miss soak and get kills/push and be ahead. This is a complex balance that doesn't have a right or wrong answer. It can work one game and fail miserably the next. This leaves players thinking they have no control over the game and there is no way to carry.

There has never been a time when the NA ladder had a solid GM/Master rank mode. It has always been weak. This is due to the placement debacle but also the difficulty of learning how to play the game properly.


I personally believe that Blizzard should remove some of the random chaos that makes it almost impossible for the majority of players to learn the game properly. Here are a few ways.

  1. Map design – Most of the game you don't know where the enemy team is located. There needs to be more vision points. Early/mid game in other mobas you know where everyone is except the jungler.
  2. Maps also lean heavily on ambush/gank locations between lanes. Maps should have very obvious safe rotation areas to objectives. Currently the direct rotations from lanes to objectives are always dangerous. Without specifically clicking the long way you will be automatically taken the dangerous way. You could always put in lines on mini map indicating the safe way to rotate to objectives (this adds clutter though).
  3. Give vision abilities to supports/tank heroes. This is another way to fix the lack of knowledge and help team mates from making poor rotations.

I understand that vision/knowledge of enemy team location is a skill. The problem is that there are not enough skill/map based tools to address this issue.

EDIT: seems like many people are thinking I am asking for laning phase and carry. This is not the case. The fast game pace and team fight is amazing in this game. Due to the fast paced and team fighting there are many decisions to make. These decisions are typically based on best guess and RNG. There are not many ways to apply skill to gather the information required to make the best decision (certain tanks and supports can do this). This make the game feel less rewarding in certain wins/losses.

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