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The Chen Rework and Brewmaster Balance

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - The Chen Rework and Brewmaster Balance

Hi. I play a lot of Chen. I've got some opinions on the rework. Well, one, mainly. Brewmaster Balance kinda sucks now, and that talent was half the reason I played this hero since his first talent rework/reshuffle back in closed beta. It's a real shame, too, since I actually kinda love the rest of the rework.

If you're unaware, Brewmaster Balance (BB) gives you a 20% movespeed buff when at 50 or less brew. The rework makes this much harder to get. Before, keg smash cost 20 brew, and fire cost 30. If you were ever in a spot where you couldn't mount and needed the movespeed, you could just press W>E and be guaranteed to get that movespeed, no matter how much brew you had. Now, the fastest way to get to 50 from 100 is Q>W>W. Not only does this include a 1.5s downtime while waiting for keg smash to turn into fire, it also requires you to kick a target, or else you have to wait for 6.5s minimum to get your movespeed. In total, this makes BB pretty much only available when diving or chasing a target, whereas it had many more applications before.


It just feels like the talent was entirely glossed over during the rework process. It seems like blizzard generally wanted to add more interaction in how Chen was able to dive and threaten targets, which I don't really have any problems with, but leaving BB unchanged while completely changing his brew management has zero impact on his diving ability. In fact, all it does is eliminate any use for BB outside of diving and chasing. If I'm wrong, and this was, in fact, a conscious decision made by blizzard, I still can't understand why they wouldn't at least buff the numbers of the talent. Putting a previously versatile talent into such a narrow niche seems like an outright nerf, which is very surprising considering BB specifically was never really complained about when talking about Chen. In fact, BB had already begun seeing lowered popularity ever since the bolder flavor instant shield change.

I think the sentiment that most sums up how I feel about it is this: I would seriously consider picking a level 1 or 4 talent that gives me the ability to spend 20 brew to do literally nothing. Of course, if I was being serious I'd suggest raising the threshold on BB to like 70. If it were 60 it would be kind of clunky and require a kick or a 1.5s delay, but I'd still take it. Anything would be better than 50.

In case it wasn't clear, I'm not really trying to be negative here. I'm more just confused by the state of the talent. I mentioned this a bit earlier, but I'm not opposed to the Chen rework as a whole. In fact, I love 95% of it. The ult buffs are really cool and shore up the gaps left by some of the removed talents. This BB thing is just the one thing that gets me.

tl;dr Brewmaster Balance is bad now and I don't get it. Also I'd legit pick a talent that cost 20 brew and did nothing.

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