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The D.Va rework has been out for a good while now, so here are some thoughts regarding D.Va and her talents

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - The D.Va rework has been out for a good while now, so here are some thoughts regarding D.Va and her talents

Hi, it's me again, one of the resident D.Va fanatics.

I like D.Va's rework – it's good fun, but I feel it could be so much more if given the chance.

Basic Attack Bonus Damage

Pains me to say this, but I think it's too strong, especially since the patch that made it possible to hit things behind you, which was done as a fix for things being too close not being hit at all.

Defense Matrix tracking

This has pretty long been leaving a lot to be desired – it doesn't differentiate between damage you prevent to your Mech, damage prevented to Allied Heroes, damage prevented to Allied non-Heroes(Structures, Minions, so on), and it also includes damage prevented to neutral enemies, but that's less of a big deal.

What I'd like to see changed here is that the number D.Va players see as floating combat text(this displays once Defense Matrix has ended near D.Va) and in the UI be limited to just damage prevented to Heroes – both herself and Allied Heroes, and then D.Va herself could hover over the UI element to see that broken down further into those 4 above categories(or just 3, really, as damage prevented to neutrals is far less important), and also track the damage prevented to D.Va and Allied Heroes as Healing.

For those who want a slightly more technical breakdown of how this could be done, the easiest and one with next-to-zero chance of it going wrong would be to incorporate it as a Unit Absorbs Damage trigger, keeping in mind that the "Damaging Unit(EventUnitDamageSourceUnit)" is actually the one taking damage, whereas the "Triggering Unit(EventUnit)" is the one actually dealing the damage.

It's not as straight forward an implementation as the current tracker, but making use of this would also improve the accuracy of the current tracker,
t9ht6k - The D.Va rework has been out for a good while now, so here are some thoughts regarding D.Va and her talents

as demonstrated here, where Defense Matrix was still affecting Kael'thas, but the damage prevented didn't display properly

Bunny Hop

I really want to like this ability, I've tried to make it work – and there are games where it is viable, but it's much harder to execute than Micro Missiles, and generally half as rewarding, and generally requires you to go Pro Moves at 1, and having a Heroic rely on another talent to be viable seems problematic

To fix this, I propose 1 of 3 options.

Option 1: Remove Bunny Hop functioning as a Channel for the purpose of the Mech being slowed. Prior to the rework, Bunny Hop slowed enemies, so the fact she was slower wasn't as much of a big deal. Now she's still slowed, but the enemies aren't, and the stun is too short and too far in for that to be enough of a trade.

Option 2: Make it slow again. This is pretty similar to option 1, except it'll mean that Allied Heroes that benefit from enemies being slowed will gain an advantage, and slows from Allies will be less valuable.

Option 3: Gain Armor while active. It doesn't exactly solve the issue that the rework gave Bunny Hop, but it helps make it a better option if you want to be more of a get-in-there and fight D.Va. I'm talking 10, maybe 15 Armor

There may be other solutions here, but these are the options I've come up with

Talent Variety

This comes both from my personal experience playing as D.Va, from the community replay parsers, and from what statistics are available from CCL Season 1, which D.Va featured pretty consistently

Full Metal is obviously the most commonly chosen talent at Level 1 – I feel this is because it may be somewhat overtuned, granting both more maximum health, and the ability to recover your health, even at a slow rate. Liquid Cooling does have some value, as long as you remember to use it, but the passive value from Full Metal makes it a far more appealing option. I've tried Pro Moves, and I wouldn't count it out entirely, but it feels the most niche of the three.

Rush-Down is the most popular pick at Level 4, and the best pick in almost any scenario. Aggression Matrix could potentially be improved by some flat reduction on the cooldown, I propose a flat 2s reduction, to bring Defense Matrix back to where it was pre-rework, and then perhaps adjust the CDR per hero hit down in return. I'm not sure what, if anything should be done with Nuclear Option – it seems mostly fine, but my first instinct would be some sort of reward for activating the Mech – perhaps grant a Big Shot cooldown reduction when proccing Nuclear Option, but I don't believe that's entirely needed.

All I can say in regards to Level 7 is that I'd like some better feedback for Fusion Generator – an audio ping when you've hit the maximum charge per cast would do, similar to Blaze has with his Trait CD.

I feel the only issue with Level 13 is in Target Locked – this talent has been altered once, from applying after 1.5 seconds, to applying after 1.25 seconds. This doesn't really make a notable difference, and also in a minor way makes the talent worse, as Defense Matrix lasts 3 seconds, so 1.5 seconds nicely fits into that groove, whereas 1.25 seconds doesn't quite as much, even with Defense Matrix lasting 0.3125s after it stops being channelled. The update I'd like to see here is rather straight forward, and likely wouldn't kick it over the edge – "Enemy Heroes that remain in your Defense Matrix for 1.25 seconds have their Armor reduced by 15 and their movement speed reduced by 25% while in Defense Matrix, and for 3 seconds afterwards."

I love the talent, Diverting Power might be ever so slightly too strong – a slight reduction in the heal(like from 35 to 33, a 6% reduction) would likely do, without making the talent worse than its competitors, but I will admit that per HeroesProfile, that this is probably fine


Stop and Pop is straight up bad, just bad. The only real times it will actually have any meaningful purpose would be in a situation where you've just gotta cap a boss being contested, and you'll probably die afterwards anyway.

To attempt make it useful outside of those situations, I propose we steal Samuro's Way of the Blade talent, and also make it apply the Stun every 3rd hit, instead of every 4th, in addition to the current infinite-duration bonus. Note that any changes that might be made to the baseline Bunny Hop will impact the feasibility of this talent, but I think it's just straight up bad that it'd take a good deal to make it too strong

Also, just as reference point,
here are the talents per HeroesProfile when filtering by Storm League Player Rank Master + Diamond, last 5 minor patches, remember when looking at this that generally the most popular talent will also have the lowest winrate

Abathur Symbiote

You ever play with an Abathur on your team, and notice that when you willingly go between Pilot & Mech, he gets kicked off?

I'd like to see the Symbiote transfer between Pilot & Mech when it is a wilful change(meaning brought about by Call Mech or Self-Destruct, but not by the Mech taking enough damage to kill it)

This would be a buff to the D.Va & Abathur team combination, but I don't think that the impact would be overly noteable

Since it seems worth bringing up, I'll bring it up – Alexstrasza's Blessing of the Red is transferred between Pilot & Mech under these same conditions – Mech dies from damage, don't transfer, otherwise do.

Death Recap

I don't see a real good reason why the Death Recap shouldn't fill out when the Mech dies. It'd be a nice little bonus, and from my testing, it doesn't have any real issue with it, except maybe a minor amount of confusion if D.Va goes to look at her Death Recap after a Mech has died, but before she has died, but that's minor, and wouldn't be worth holding a feature back.

Self-Destruct Visibility

The Pilot form D.Va should have some method for seeing her Defense Matrix charge – I've actually implemented as much in
X5Rcx8K - The D.Va rework has been out for a good while now, so here are some thoughts regarding D.Va and her talents

my observer UI, and she should also be able to announce the charge to her team, the same way that Tracer can announce her Pulse Bomb Charge.

Defense Matrix & Summons

Like quite a few things in this list, I've brought this up before, but I'd like to see it fixed that D.Va cannot reduce the damage from Summons – I recently investigated this, and there is a fix for it(that also fixes 2 other bugs), but it's a complicated one – cause the damage dealt by Summons to be dealt by a Damage Response behavior applied to them on creation by their summoner. This causes the Summoner to deal the damage, meaning that Defense Matrix reduces their damage, Nano Infusion(Ana's 20 Nanoboost upgrade) heals for Summon Damage, and Abathur's Ultimate Evolution properly works with Summon Damage. There are other solutions to this, like having triggers handle it, doing some weird complicated unit tracker mess(which would solve the potential issue of effect chains that Damage Response behaviors bring with them, but also be messy in other ways), and I'm sure there are other solutions out there that I can't think of.

Defense Matrix Impact

With the rework, Defense Matrix had its damage reduction reduced from -75% to -50%, and I'd love if there were some talent to revert this back, it would probably even be a compelling option just by itself at level 20

Liquid Cooling Active

It'd be nice if the position was kept between Mechs, I know that it'd require pretty dramatically reworking how the Mech is implemented, but I think it'd be worth it


Wouldn't be a D.Va post without some bugs. Not too many, though.

I'm not sure what causes it, but I've had Liquid Cooling place my Healing Fountain on a 120 second cooldown when I used it.

This is one I abuse regularly, and it's been around forever – If D.Va takes enough damage to kill the Mech while Boosters are active, she can still activate Self-Destruct, the enemy will get takedown credit, but the Mech will still explode, and D.Va can call a new mech once that has happened

If D.Va uses Self-Destruct while rooted, it can cause the Mech to move once the root has expired – this has been around forever, too.

There's also been a more recent bug that surfaced(Probably been around forever, though) where Malthael can cause an Exploding Mech to detonate before it is meant to.

If D.Va is the last hero to spawn on her team during the start phase, her talents don't appear on the tab screen – you can reproduce this yourself in Custom Games or in Try Mode. This is caused by things being done in slightly the wrong order in D.Va's spawn logic, where that the D.Va Mech unit is selected prior to becoming the Hero Unit. There's also a similar bug where the Mech unit is not made the Hero Unit on respawn, but to my knowledge this does not cause any bugs(At least, not any bugs with the default UI, in my OBS ui it does :dvasad:)

Least severe of the lot as it has zero gameplay impact, but Diverting Power doesn't increase any score for D.Va, so there's no good measure to look at for how much healing she has gotten from it.

Thanks to /u/Lucifer474 for giving me some feedback on this, also to those on the Wind Striders Discord

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