Heroes of the Storm

The descriptions are still incorrect

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - The descriptions are still incorrect

I'm…really dissapointed, Blizz. Is that so hard to not use Google translator?

uiulceeavpk61 - The descriptions are still incorrect

Brute Force, Hogger's lvl 4 Q talent

I'm glad that you fixed the second part…but it still doesn't have "!Quest" and the description still says this talent increases Loothoard's RADIUS, not its cast RANGE. These are different things actually. Oh and Hogger still doesn't say anything when you start queue or "spin-stun" him.

And…Morenados! is still not fixed too:

Morenados!, Deckard's Lorenado buff

Yep, it stills says that Lorenado gains an additional charge EACH TIME it hits a hero… and it's a wrong description.

And i also found this:

Dance of Death, Samuro's Bladestorm buff

I didn't know enemies can have 20 heroes on their side in a single game.

And the funniest thing:


Am i the only one who thinks this is the wrong description?

Isn't this supposed to be:

Mirror Images use Bladestorm when Samuro does, but for 45%. After Samuro hits enemy Heroes 20 times with Bladestorm, its cooldown is reset.


Зеркальные копии повторяют «Вихрь клинков» за Самуро, нанося 45% его урона. После того как «Вихрь клинков» поражает героев 20 раз, он восстанавливается мгновенно.



Mephisto's Q, Skull Missile

1 second cooldown? Are you sure???

Mephisto's lvl 13 Q talent, Abhorred Skull

You missed "SPACE" between "40%" and "больше"…this is pretty dumb.

Now this…



You forgot to type that Diablo will instantly heal 2.5% of his max. health after stunning an enemy Hero with Shadow Charge or Overpower…somehow.

This one…


Are you SERIOUS? УменьшААет? Then why not Reeduce instead of Reduce?

Oh and by the way, killing whom?

Why is it "Убийства восстанавливают его мгновенно." and not "Убийства героев восстанавливают его мгновенно."

While in ENG it says about "Takedowns" which mean heroes, not every enemy. There is a REALLY big difference between these two.

Yes, i know that it's hard for you team to keep the game…but is it so hard to at least not fail the descriptions?

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