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The Devs Don’t Really Know What They’re Doing

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - The Devs Don’t Really Know What They’re Doing

This “balance” patch really really annoyed me. A bunch of useless/unnecessary buffs and nerfs not hitting where they were supposed to.

Furthermore, changes to talents like > show me that the devs know nothing about the lore of their characters and don’t understand butterfly effects of balance. Not only did they ruin one of Arthas’s most thematic talents (just watch all of Arthas’s major WC3 cinematics where anytime he “advanced”, something died or there was a major outcome), they ensured that it will be impossible to fight into him. Slowing movement and attack speed constantly by 60%? Stop adding so much CC to this game!!!! I myself no longer play melee assassins or tanks in SL due it being frustrating to always be at the mercy of CC, yet you add 20% more to a character who can literally just run it down all over you. Did you think about how this would further affect melee assassins? I saw buffs to Illidan, but all you’ve done is made the polarisation between him being trash and him being unstoppable with Abathur , even greater!!!


And then this new shitty Zul’Jin talent “A Surprise for Ya”…. who came up with this idiotic talent name? Stop giving garbage names to talents. It’s not cool and doesn’t install confidence that you know your own game. Talent names are supposed to reflect the lore of the hero. When you pick the talent, you are engaging with whatever theme/history that hero portrays. The name of this talent just sounds like a joke. Zul’Jin hated everyone and was willing to call upon dark powers to get his revenge against the elves. You called have called this talent “Vengeance for Zul’Jin” – a throw back to WC3 where every spawned Troll Headhunter/Berzerker would say “Vengeance for Zul’Jin” when coming out of the barracks.

Furthermore, it’s a level 20 talent that just says more damage. Why? Isn’t there enough lethality in this game? Don’t you have any cool ideas or interesting mechanics than to just slap MORE DAMAGE AND MORE CC ON EVERYTHING? The fuck is wrong with you people? Or if it’s not damage and cc, it’s heroic CDR for heroes who don’t need it (ETC). I’m not arguing about the viability of the talent. If Nexus Blades isn’t that good unless you’re winning, then I don’t think this talent would be either. It’s just unoriginal and badly named.

Heroes like Butcher have been in the competitive gutter for years now, yet you keep passing the buck between the same boring, strong heroes. This patch just made me lose faith in HotS tbh. It was already a pretty crappy season but this just pushes it to a new limit.

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