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The fact that lol has more players than hots really pisses me.

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - The fact that lol has more players than hots really pisses me.

I've played both hots and lol, I also played other mobas but the main ones were lol and hots, basically all my friends play lol and the fact that lol has way more players than hots really pisses me, sometimes I try to play lol but it justs looks impossible, the game has a lot of problems that doesn't happen in hots that I can even list them:

Or you explode someone or you get exploded.

CCs are extremely long for a game where the characters are so squish (point click basic abilities that stuns for 2 seconds / basic abilities that root for 3 seconds and lot others)

Supports are not even real supports. Most of the supports there are or either tanks or either mages, and when they have shields or heals they are basically super weak.

In 90% of the games you either stomp the enemy team or get stomped, there's almost no way to come back in a game where the enemy team has more advantage.

A single champion can destroy the game solo if fed. There are some champions, specially the ADcarrys and assassins if fed destroy not only the champions they are facing in the lane, but also the other lanes which is extremely unfair.

Ganks = kill. Ganks from the junglers there are extremely impactful. Receiving a gank and die on it basically makes you way too behind against your oponent and you're most likely not come back.

You get to stay farming until 20 minutes of the game before some action really happens, and in basically one team fight the game can end.


If you are in a bad matchup the game will be extremely boring for you because you're basically not gonna do anything on the game unless staying farming under the tower and still be useless in most part of the game.

Nexus has no real defense, towers evaporate as water and getting an inhibitor just gives you an insane advantage, the super minions there that are comparable to the catapults in hots are extremely hard to kill and since your base has no defenses anymore the only thing you can do is stay in base defending while the enemy team controls the rest of the map because there's nothing you can do since the nexus has no defenses, inhibitor has no defenses and the towers are too weak in comparison to minions that are super strong, which makes no logic.

Every single game is the same thing, the game is very stressful and not fun at all.

The game has a lot of bugs, in and out of game and the game staff simply just ignores the players opinion.

Community is super toxic, have an AFK in your team is basically almost certain to loose the game and every game has the same characters (yasuo, zed, vayne, lee sin and riven), which is pretty funny considering the game has more than 100 champions.

And is pretty frustating to see that a game that has these many problems still more played than a game that is so good. I think blizzard should invest more money in marketing, specially in my country, the majority play lol because they don't even know hots, which is pretty sad.

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