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The Forgotten Brewmaster Playstyle

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - The Forgotten Brewmaster Playstyle

So Chen got reworked. After so many players who love Chen and have put in hundreds (in my case soon 1400) games with the drunken and "balanced" brawler, who tried to get the developers to realize nothing was wrong with Chen's abilities, he was just massively undertuned after having been nerfed in one way or another every single time he was mentioned in patch notes. Some players, like me, just asked for some number tweaks (revert previous trait/health nerfs for instance), and to traitify/questify Brewmasters Balance instead of all these attempts at putting other great talents at 7 to find something that can compete with it. However, I do believe level 7 might have the best diversity yet except for the decision to move "Purifying Brew" back to 20 in a worse state, why not leave it at 7 and make it also reduce the trait CD for instance? To not get completely negative here, I'll share some things that I like: Stormstout Secret Recipe at 1 (this talent was worse at level 20, for years), Enough to Share at 13 buffed to awesomeness (if only the trait CD nerf didn't happen), Brewmaster's Balance still as is (great unless the idea to traitify/questify gets some love).


My impression of the new Chen is that he lost a lot of his brewmaster playstyle. Stagger is cool, but it needs tweaks/better talents/more inventiveness (talents that grant unstoppable/pass through enemies/armor etc.). An issue with stagger though, is that it forces Chen to save his trait in engages, which has yet again been nerfed. This CD nerf to Chen's trait is uncalled for and insulting to his playstyle. Chen wants to drink and run, drink and brawl. Not sit around staggering, waiting for his next chance to touch his brew. Poor Chen. And the delay between "w" and "w", don't even get me started on that, Chen is so sluggish now that it's painful. And then there's the new "Storm, Earth and Fire" which was my go to ult unless I needed the keg. Why can't we reuse "w" anymore? It was what made the ult feel so mobile, whereas now it's more powerful, and yes it has some MS boost on "e", but it just feels utterly sluggish compared to before and spreads Kael flame like wildfire if you are unfortunate to group them after your one and only use of "w". And one of Chen's longlasting bugs has survived the rework: "Storm" can't auto attack over walls, no matter how much vision you give with the other two. It's been like this for years, and yes, I reported it and other Chen bugs multiple times in the bug report forums, and no, I won't waste my time doing it again. Hit the search bar developers!

TLDR: Chen wants to drink and run, drink and brawl. Not sit around staggering, waiting for his next chance to touch his brew.

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