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The Heroes of the Storm development team still exists, despite the dismantlement of the “Classic Team”

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - The Heroes of the Storm development team still exists, despite the dismantlement of the "Classic Team"

I really wanted to avoid this, but I see that many people are panicking once again, so I'd like to share with you what we know.

First of all, the Team 1 dismantlement was announced on October 15, and carried on for several weeks. It's not something new. And it affected StarCraft 2 (maintenance mode announced the very same day) and Warcraft 3: Reforged (last updates were on October 20 and, apparently, they're outsorcing it from now on). Heroes of the Storm, on the other hand, has kept going as usual. And, now, some people will say:

"But we didn't have a Winter Event!"

"But we didn't get any patch for a long time!"

  1. We know there's new stuff coming up. Do you remember the free pink motorcycle we all by mistake got some months ago but was removed because it was intended for a future event? I'm pointing that out because: A) Most stuff is planned and done in advance so, if a Winter Event was planned before the cull, we still would have gotten something. B) Well, this is obvious: there're new events in the horizon.
  2. It's not the first time an abnormally long period without patches happens in December/January. The devs take a long Christmas break in-between these months (I could have calculated it, but I'm pretty sure it's 2-3 weeks). And, honestly, they deserve it.

Furthermore, as some of you probably know, video game developers always keep their linkedin and social media profiles updated. At this moment and as far as I know- and I've checked many of them-, no HotS developer has moved to another game or company in the last months. And, no, Bridget Collins wasn't a HotS developer: she had been working on Diablo IV for a long, long time (since 2018, I think). Furthermore, most of the devs we know have kept their usual activity, engaging with fans and answering questions about the game.


Finally, and even if I don't want to give him any unwanted attention, I'd like to share what one of HotS' 3D artists said just some hours ago:

(When asked about "what's up with the heroes team"): "We're fine. We're okay. Thanks for asking (laughs). I have no idea what's going on out there (…). We're just making cool things for you".

(When directly asked about the Jason piece on Team 1): "All I know is that the people who are on the Heroes Team are trying to make the coolest stuff for you, and a bunch of people want to say we don't exist. So I don't know, you can listen to whatever you want, I guess (…). I mean, if you're paying attention, we just put out a balance patch and we fixed a bug that was pretty rough for some players. We did it in a couple of days. So there has to be enough people to be able to do that, right?".

I don't want to tell the source because I don't want him to be bothered. But people like Spazzo and Twinkle can confirm what he said. He obviously didn't want to make any comment on inside stuff other than that, but there's one question I'd like to make:

If HotS has effectively entered maintenance mode and it happened in October (or November, if it took a while for some people to move on to other projects of companies), why the heck are 3D artists and animators whose whole job is creating and animating new skins and heroes, still working for Heroes of the Storm?

Please, people, stop the doomsaying, This kind of stuff can create a self-fulfilling prophecy. If people assume the game just died, they can feel like stop investing in the game, even if we have literally no information pointing at the Team 1 dismantlement having caused devs to stop working on Heroes of the Storm.

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