Heroes of the Storm

The importance of Draft in Stormleugue! In all Ranks!

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - The importance of Draft in Stormleugue! In all Ranks!

Hello Dear Heroes Players! Im not another Master to trash lower leugue Players, im here to improve the Hots community <3

Whether you are Bronze, Gold, Grand Master it doesnt matter. All that matters is that you queued up for Stromleugue and you decided to play the ranked Mode of Heroes of the Storm, the game we all love!

With that goes a responsibility, playing Ranked means you are not only there to have fun… You play for points and you got to do your best to win that match for your Team.

Everything starts in the Draft… and here are some Basic Facts: 50 % of the Game is allready decided in the Draft mode, im not saying its impossible to win if you "loose Draft" but simply if the Opponent doesnt make Mistakes (they play optimal) you will loose the Game.

Understanding the Picks, it doesnt take long to search up what Heroes are stronger then others and what Heroes counter the others. Im not telling you to copy the Drafts of Masters, because some Heroes are easier to play and so better in lower leugues. Just take a little bit of your time and think about whats good and what is bad, or ask for Help, nobody will judge you if you want some Help just many dont have the ego to ask for it.

Drafting is like playing Chess, the process of Drafting is a Game itself, it depends on the Map you are on, what your Opponents Ban / Pick, you cant say there is a general Way to do it.

Be helpfull! Try to fill in other Roles if your Team doesnt play it, ask before you Instalock your OTP Hero and talk with your Team in Draft. Report those who dont care, they do not participate in Draft we dont need them!


Try to have some Picks in every Role if you dont, then practise it in QM.

You dont know how to Draft so learn by doing, queue up in Unranked Draft and try to figure out how it works!

My last Point, maybe your favorite Hero is a "Azmodan/Ilidan" and you are pretty good on it! BUT … If you pick Heroes that do not fit the Draft you might still be really good on it, but you allready start the game from behind! Also you ruin your Teams mood when they tell you "pls no Azmo" and you just say "its fine" cause you know you can win it. If your Team is not ok with the pick, just dont pick it then.

For all the things ive said there are exceptions everywhere. I hope you got my general Point.

Im XraYY and i was drafting for several high lvl Teams for a few Years by now. I dont want to tell you guys "here is what you should do" I just want to help the community pay more attention to the draft if you play Stormleugue because it is a big aspect of the Game and we will all be Happy if everyone is just following basic rules.

Try to win with your Team and have fun doing so! Like that you have 5 people happy at the start of the game, giving their best, instead of only you on your Favorite Hero!

GL HF in the Nexus, i will be happy if just 1 Person reads this and maybe thinks about the importance of Draft a little more next time!

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