Heroes of the Storm

The issue with Storm League

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - The issue with Storm League

The function of the matchmaker

The matchmakers job is to create matches where both teams have a 50% chance of winning. The winning team gets 200 points, the losers lose 200 points. In case a 50-50 balance isn't possible, teams are given favoured adjustment points accordingly.

How Storm League should work

Grouping up is an advantage and should therefore priotize matching you against premades of similar size and MMR in order to create balanced matches. If that isn't possible, then it should match you against smaller groups but give your group an MMR multiplier, meaning the solo players on the enemy team will be of higher average MMR than your group to make up for the fact that they aren't grouped.

If neither of those criterias can be met, it should extend queue time or as a last resort, start skewering with the points gained/lost for a win/loss to match the assumed chances of winning for each team.

How Storm League actually works

All of the above is either very poorly implemented, or not implemented at all.

I've had games where I as a solo player was put with a 4 man stack against a full solo team, which we stomped and I somehow GAINED +10 extra points for opponent favoured adjustment??? I've also had games where instead of putting one 2 man stack on each team, the two 2 man stacks were put on the same team against a team full of solo players.


I understand a soft reset just happened and therefore some matches are a bit wonky, but matching a 4 man stack vs full solos and giving THE GROUP favoured adjustment points, and putting two 2 man stacks against full solos instead of splitting them on a team each, should never be able to happen in a properly functioning system and it goes to show that this system doesn't take solo queuers into consideration AT ALL.

Some people are already pushing 8k master with a winrate above 80-90% in their groups. That should mean they start getting ~80 points per win due to being so heavy favourites… Right? Wrong, they get rougly 185 points per game, meaning the matchmaker actually thinks they got a ~54% chance of winning their games as opposed to 80% LOL. On top of that, due to their massive winrates, they get 30+ PRA easily, so they gain 200+ points for winning games with a 80% winrate. Is this really how Storm League is supposed to be played?

I constantly hear the counterargument "Boohoo, it's a team game, just find a group" and those people are missing the point entirely. Does anyone need any reminding of how dead TL was before they allowed solo queueing? Who do you expect to fill the gaps when groups aren't 5 stacking? There is nothing I would love more than having HL back(It wasn't dead in EU btw) but here we are, so let's make it work for EVERYONE. This game can't afford to alienate any more players.

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