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The long “Quick” Match timers are a symptom of a much deeper issue: playing support is boring in HOTS for the most

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - The long "Quick" Match timers are a symptom of a much deeper issue: playing support is boring in HOTS for the most

The reason why our "Quick" Match timers take ages every since the Call of the Nexus is simple: not enough people want to play support. Adding XP rewards can help a bit, but it's nothing but a band-aid over the big issue: supports in this game are boring healbots for 90% of the time ever since the Support-apocalypse. I have always played support in all multiplayer games, because I love helping people. I TF2, I play medic or engineer. In Overwatch, I play Mercy or Zenyata. In LOL I play Sona. Each of these characters have some form of unique playmaking potential (or in the Medic's case: he is the only one who can heal).

However, in HOTS it feels like despite having 15+ supports, all they do is the same: they heal, just in slightly different ways, with usually one okay-ish CC ability. In a game where macro is so important, this is incredibility frustrating since all you can do as a support is try to tell people in chat your ideas and hope that they have chat on, understand English, and choose to care. Usually, there is at least one person who doesn't do one of those, which results in mis-coordination and 4v5s. Overall, this makes playing a support less fun in HOTS in comparison to other games.


The reason for this situation and the necessity for Support-apocalypse is because healing is so powerful in this game. If supports could do more besides their current ridiculous healing, we would end up back in the double/triple support meta with unkillable hypercarries, which got resolved by gutting support's ability to be anything but healbots (RIP Rehgod).

However, I wonder after seeing the current situation, if this was a wrong fix for the problem. Maybe Blizzard should have embraced the idea of more than one support in a team as a potential team-composition, and nerf support's healing ability instead to avoid super-sustain. Instead of having clear "assassin" and "healer" roles, we could have a spectrum of them, going from pure healer supports like Lt.Morales, through hybrids like Rehgar or old Tyrande, all the way to Tassadar who can't even directly heal. Maybe we could have supports that provide more vision and CC instead of healing. We could have more "assassins" that has some supporting, like 7-sided Iron Fist Kharazim or Probius with shield talent.

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There are many ways I feel Blizzard could enable supports to be more than healbots and doing so could improve the game experience for everyone, if done right.

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