Heroes of the Storm

The Lost Vikings – Time for Change

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - The Lost Vikings - Time for Change

Hey Guys,

I want to talk about Vikings(again). They are sitting on top of winrate but we shouldnet forget that 8,82 are pickrate so that means "only good TLV Player " playing them.

The thing abou vikings is to change some "core" settings to make them feel different as they are now.

Maybe some of you guys can give some good inputs as well.

Lets beginning with the Auto Attack Damage and Range .

Olaf – 57 / 1,20

Baleog – 78 / 4

Erik – 65 / 6,5

Its clear that they are high compare to other heros because thats their only dmg(without spin to win).

I would shift that a little bit more. Take some dmg from Olaf and Erik and give it to the true Fighter of them Baleog. In origin he is the Fighter who destroy Monster and enemys.

So now we going to talk about Talents.

LVL 1 >

Olaf the Stout > Olaf Transform into a good Tank (pickrate OVR 30,06)

Spy Games > Erik can spy and doing nice dmg with it (Pickrate OVR 17,79)

Explosive Attacks > Baleog clear lanes faster (Pickrate OVR 15,47)

Viking Bribery > Camps value (Pickrate OVR 36,69)

Comment: I think this Tier is really ok.

LVL 4 >

Pain dont Hurt > This Talent is good but have on big problem ..Erik the Swift (Pickrate OVR 17.79)

Erik the Swift > This talent is the strongest without doubt. (Pickrate OVR 47,07)

Its a Sabotage > The worst Talent from this hero and of the worst of all Heroes (Pickrate OVR 4,86)

Mercenary Lorg > Good for the Pushing build (Pickrate OVR 30,28)

Comment: Erik gets so much with this talent and it is without doubt the best Talent.

LVL 7>

Baleog tbe Fierce > Cool idea BUT one viking can die fast and so your Teamfight build is destroyed (Pickrate OVR 17,79)

Spin to Win > By far the Number one Pick here. You need not all Vikings to be alive to activate it (Pickrate OVR 63,20)

Norse Force > I like this Talent a lot. The Problem in this Tier is clarly spin to win (Pickrate OVR 13,59)

Comment: NERF Spin to Win. Make Bonus dmg 80% to Heroes instead of 100%.

Give Baleog the Fierce maybe some Movement Speed to dodge some kind of abilitys.

LVL 10

Longbot Raid > Wonderful ulty BUT you cannot take it most of the times.. (Pickrate OVR 8,52)

Play Again > You can see the pickrate so no more words needed… (Pickrate OVR 91,48)


Comment: You see whats going on.. Longboat raid NEED some buffs. Lets start with Movement Speed and Mortar need to be faster as well (like Mephistos Q) .

If Things doesent change it need more buffs and you can nerf Play again CD to 110 or 120 seconds).

LVL 13

Hunka Burning Olaf > First of all.. Change his Name to "Olaf Secret Gas attack" and it should make dmg like poison … (Pickrate OVR 7.85)

Jump > no words needed (Pickrate OVR 55.72)

Nordic Attack Squad – You can see that this talent have some good time since his buffs (Pickrate OVR 36,43)

Comment: The Buffs to Nordic Attack Squad has changed that tier a little bit.

LVL 16

Large and in charge > By far the best pick (Pickrate OVR 76,67)

Impatience is a Virtue > Good idea but … (Pickrate OVR 9,50)

64 KB Marathon > For me its a funny talent but for lvl 16 it is bad (Pickrate OVR 3,40)

Executioner > Not a bad talent but to get value it is too hard (Pickrate OVR 10,43)

Comment: This Tier need some fresh changes.

Here i would go into some crazy idea…

Give "Impatience is a Virtue to lvl 13 that this Talent have some more value.. And in the opposite give Jump to Talent 16.

64 KB Marathon should going into another Tier aswell.

LVL 20 >

Ragnarok n Roll > no words needed (Pickrate OVR 2.81)

Chepoint Reached > No words needed (Pickrate OVR 12.,38)

The Sequel > Good Talent but for lvl 20 not good enough (Pickrate OVR 11,88)

Fury of the Storm > By far the best Talent (Pickrate OVR 72,94)

Comment: It needs some drastically change as well.

While i was writing this long text-… I have something so say again on Longboat Raid.

Maybe and this is only a idea -> Take Talent The Sequel and combine it with Longboat Raid.

So Vikings can die but have the chance to come back again "faster". 50 % Faster to be alive is maybe too good but iam not a Person for numbers 😀 .

I hope "WE Vikings/Hots Players" can give some good ideas to the Hots Team so they can change something.

My target is that Vikings can fight more but not too effective -> thats why nerf spin to win.

Baleog lvl 7 with Movement Speed should come with attacks so he isnt that easy to kill.

So lets the talk begin


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