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The low dmg/heal blame is a typical sign of ignorance about the game

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - The low dmg/heal blame is a typical sign of ignorance about the game

I often read in chat people blaming (usually) a Butcher or Illidan for extremely low dmg numbers or blaming a healer for having even half healing numbers then enemy healers. I have more than 6k games and i'm in high plat and i can say without a doubt that this "blame" is 90% of the times wrong and it's actually other player's fault. Here's why.

I will take just my last game game as an example. I was in party with a Zeratul and a Butcher. When the game turned into a snowball team started to blame Butcher for low dmg. He has 15k dmg and the end of the game while Zera got 30k. The interesting thing is the Zeratul seems to ignore the fact that he has 0-5 score. Meaning he was diving, spamming damage and die too often, without getting kills in trade.

As a main Butcher i perfectly understand this phenomenon. When team is extremly uncoordinated Butcher is useless. Butcher excels in punishing overextended ppl or taking down isolated target. He's bad in situation where somebody die before him, because he has no escape and if he engages too it will for sure increase damage done but he will probably die too since he has no escape. And early game deaths for Butcher are far worse than for any other heroes. Butcher needs to complete the quest so it's better to play very safely even sacrifing damage and fights to avoid useless deaths, so you can snowball team in endgame.

This blame phenomenom happens often to Illidans too. Illidan is not a damage dealer, he's a finisher/chaser. Again, if team has somebody like that Zeratul in my example that dive and die alone then it will be very hard for the next fight to find somebody to kill. Illidan don't dive in to spam damage, he dives in to kill somebody who did take a lot of damage by team. He needs team, more than others.Again, many times people complaining about melee assassins low damage are most of the time playing heroes who dive and spam damage without taking any trade or value from that.

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A similar thing is about blaming healer for low heal. I play healers a lot, so in 6k games i saw it happening quite a few times, but i saw that done to others too and it's quite unfair and sad to watch. Most of the times healers numbers are similar. But few times one healer has extremly low heal compared to enemy. Why? Again 90% of the times it's not because of him. In few occasions healer is quite bad. He doesn't use cooldowns, he forget about trait, he start Jug of 1000 cups without waiting for Johanna stun first and so on. But most of the time the reason why healers numbers are so low is because there's nothing to heal. There's nothing to heal when teammates die alone in the middle of nowhere. Of course healing numbers is lower then enemy healer. When teammates overextend during a fight, leaving the healer behind (i.e. a Genji go too deep he will get zero heals) they spread too much during a fight (how can a Uther's W be effective with people spreaded around) and so on.Spreading in fights can be very frustrating has healer because you have to choose who to follow and if you can try and even die or retreat. Anyway somebody will die but it's not your fault. It's team's that is uncoordinated. Sometimes it's just a global group coordination issue, sometimes it's just one or two bad players fault's.

TLDR: Stop blaming for low damage and low heals. Most of the times people are not damaging because there's nothing to damage (somebody died overexented so there will not be any teamfights soon to make damage) and most of the times healers are not healing because there is nothing to heal, same reason, people are spreading too much or dying alone so low heals is direct consequence of team playing bad.

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