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The Mal’ganis “rework” is a massive disappointment for all tank players wanting to see more variance in this stagnant tank meta

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - The Mal'ganis "rework" is a massive disappointment for all tank players wanting to see more variance in this stagnant tank meta

My fear is that this is getting swept under the rug because we just got a really cool new tank that seems to be getting ever more viable with each passing day (Good job, Blizz). I believe most everyone that plays this game seriously can agree, however, that there is still work to be done in the way of invigorating individual tanks who have lately fallen by the wayside.

I mostly tank in SL and have been a Mal'ganis main for over a year now, currently in Diamond. He legit often feels so terrible to play as now. The reworked and improved "meme" talents such as Black Claws and Feeding Frenzy do nothing to address his main weakness and liability to the team — his inability to survive CC and burst. There are often situations where in I don't have any chance to even get through any proper rotation of my abilities before folding like a wet paper bag. Late game, A Johanna can literally just pop her trait, run at me, and use blessed shield and I simply get phased out of existence by the enemy team before being able to do anything, let alone standing there auto attacking people and getting any kind of value from associated talents. It's to a point I question whether Blizz understands how this hero works. Weaving in auto attacks in between Fel Claws to get value from the new improved level 7 Black Claws is just far too unwieldy and cumbersome to pull off against any team with any respectable burst — most notably in the late game.


There were some changes like the cdr reduction on Blind as a Bat and allowing the +50 armor the full duration with Might of Sargeras that aren't terrible but, ultimately, there's just nothing really here to justify nerfing his health for the umpteenth time this year (ive honestly lost count) in addition to his baseline Fel Claw and AA damage (so effectively making him less threatening to top it all off). You couple all this with the not-insignificant oversight of his sleep (a core ability in his kit) being made next to useless while the weather is active on "rainstorm" maps and things start looking pretty bleak for the Dreadlord. I'm not a stats and numbers guy but I'm hearing from others his winrate has fallen off significantly since this "rework." That honestly doesn't surprise me at all. Both Tassadar and Cassia were each shown love in light of their reworks coming off of bumpy starts. It would really be a shame to see the developers not make good on showing that same level of commitment to tanks.

Also, as an aside, the changes made to Spreading Plague should be reverted. Initiating the damage tick as they are slept as opposed to after waking up effectively narrows the window I have to refresh its duration to 2.5 seconds… down from 5.

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