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The new QM team comp rules should not get completely thrown out the window if you’ve been waiting a few minutes for a match.

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - The new QM team comp rules should not get completely thrown out the window if you've been waiting a few minutes for a match.

With the caveat that I can only speak to my experiences playing in NA, and what I'm about to say may not apply to lower pop regions where it can be almost impossible to find a game anyway.

I really like the idea of guaranteeing a tank and a healer on all teams. In fact, a lot of heroes only really work and are fun to play if you have a tank and healer on your team. Some heroes are only fun to play against if you have a tank or healer on your team. What it really comes down to is the fact that HOTS is meant to be played with a tank and healer on each team.

As many people have noted since the changes went live, queue times have been way up in quick match. I am totally fine with this, it is a price I am willing to play to have reasonable comps, especially since I rarely play tank/healer in QM myself.

However, if you wait long enough for a match (ten minutes-ish?) QM just disregards all its comp rules and finds a game as quickly as possible. In fact, the comp it creates is likely to be worse than one you would have gotten before Call of the Nexus. Before last week you were at least guaranteed that if one team had a tank, healer or bruiser, the other team would as well. Now, I'm getting games where only one team has a tank and one team has a healer. It hasn't happened to me yet but I'm also seeing all these recent Reddit posts with ridiculous screenshots of one team having three healers and the other team having none.

To me, it is insane to implement a rule that improves comps for most people but actually makes them significantly worse in a small portion of cases. It is also a pretty bad way to treat the people who do select a tank and are then forced to play without a healer. I get that you can cancel and re-enable your game search to prevent the matchmaking criteria from being loosened, but players should not be forced to game the system like this. Again as someone who very rarely plays tank or healer in QM, I think if you are not willing to fill those roles in that game mode you should be willing to wait for however long it takes to find a match.

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