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HeroesoftheStorm 4 - The Nexus Zoo

There is a multitude of animal species you might encounter in the Nexus. Some appear exclusively as heroes (humans, pandas, some Zerg strains and Warcraft-endemic animals such as orcs, elves, etc), but the vast majority only exists as mounts. Some animals appear only in a mechanical, toy, or magical version, but most of them are still represented in their biological versions. Below, I present a list of all the species you can find in the Nexus as mounts.

Mounts available for acquisition within deterministic timeframe, i.e. Regular and Seasonal ones as well as currently unlockable Promotional mounts are displayed in bold text. Mounts marked with (?) are promotional mounts that I'm not sure whether they are still available or not.


Horses and other ungulates

HorseHorse, Saddled Horse, Headless Horseman's Charger, Phantom/Spectral Stallion, Armored War Steed, Illidan's Nightmare, Marshal's Outrider, Reverence, Undead Horse, Crimson Hare, Demonic Hellsteed, Judgment Charger, Pegasus, Tyrael's Charger, Invisible Horse, 2018 HGC Finals Steed, Glitch-steed, Leoric's Phantom, Flames of Judgement Charger, Malthael's Phantom (?)Golden Nexus Charger, Green Army Horse, Nexus Charger, Titanium Cybersteed, Epic Titanium CybersteedCelestial Horse
ZebraNazeebra, Zebra
UnicornRainbow UnicornPlush Unicorn
Infested HorseInvincilisk
AntilopeTechnolope, Epic Technolope
BoarHellboar, Elemental Boar, Epic Elemental BoarCyber Oni Warboar, Nexus Razorback
DeerReign-deer, Elemental Stag, Epic Elemental Stag
GoatHappy Birthday Billie, Wonder William, Billie the Kid, Hell Billie, Wonder Billie
PigPigñataPiggy Bank
RamStormpike Ram, Swift Stormpike RamCyber Ram

Other mammals

BearAmani War BearCelestial Ursa, Earthbreaker Grizzly, Epic Earthbreaker Grizzly
DogCerberus, Luchihuahua, Barko PoloD.E.R.P.A.Lunar Guardian, Dark Nexus Hound
WolfDire Wolf, Swift Frostwolf, Epic Crimson Chaos Wolf, Raging War Wolf, Deadly Chaos Wolf, Furious Chaos Wolf, Ironside Dire Wolf(?), Elemental Wolf, Epic Elemental WolfCyber Wolf, Golden Cyber Wolf
LionRingmaster's PrideCosmic Lion, Elemental Lion, Epic Elemental Lion
TigerLunar Tiger, Golden Tiger, Regal Tiger, Whisperwind's NightsaberNexus Tiger
Mouse/RatRatón de Batalla
Owl + Tiger HybridSeeker


DuckPumped Up Pato
RavenRaven Runner
RoosterGolden Lunar Rooster, Lunar Rooster, Valiant Rooster

Dinosaurs and other reptiles

DragonLunar Dragon
RaptorBattle Raptor, Epic Battle Raptor, Tamed RavasaurCelestial Raptor
StegosaurusArcane Chaos Lizard, Chaos Lizard, Deadly Chaos Lizard, Elemental Lizard, Epic Elemental Lizard
TriceratopsDirehorn, Epic Direhorn
TurtleArcadian War Turtle, Epic Arcadian War Turtle
Other lizard/dinosaurBattle Beast, Saddled Battle Beast, Butcher's Beast, Dark Nexus Beast, Nexus Battle Beast, Felsaber, FelstalkerPrimal Flamesaber
SnakeCloud Serpent, Celestial Serpent


SharkGreat Razorgrin, Fel RazorgrinNexus Razorgrin


CrabDeepcrawlerCelestial Deepcrawler
SpiderSTORM Strider, Mechanospider


GoblinFestive Goblin, Treasure GoblinGolden Treasure Goblin

All animals alphabetically in plain text: Antilope, Bear, Boar, Caterpillar, Crab, Deer, Dog, Dragon, Duck, Goat, Goblin, Horse (+Zebra/Unicorn/Infested Horse), Lion, Mouse, Other lizard/dinosaur, Owl/Tiger Hybrid, Pig, Raccoon, Ram, Raptor, Raven, Rooster, Shark, Snake, Spider, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Tiger, Turtle, Wolf, Zergling.

Which species you'd like to see the most in the Nexus? My personal favorites are Cow (a Diablo-themed mount), Domestic Cats and various Primates, ranging from Lemurs to our closest relatives, the Chimpanzees. Insects lack representation as well, as do various marine species.

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