Heroes of the Storm

The only video game that made me cry.

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - The only video game that made me cry.


That's my Hots profile, As a female player I probably have more games than lot of guys. also probably have more gold /shards in my account than most players, why ? because I spent $$ on every single hero and their skins & mount. Sounds pretty dumb right ? This is the way I support the only video game I play in my free time, I really enjoy it. I place in diamond in HL in most seasons, been on Hots youtube clips a few times. But today my favorite youtube Hots content creator told me he was going to stop making Hots clips. I log in game, all I hear from people is how the game is going to die , I am very confused and sad to hear that. With the time and emotion spent on the game, I feel like being abandoned, so I cried.
Can someone please confirm what is going to happen to this game ? Getting shut down in a few weeks ? No more new contents will be added in future ? Are players quitting ? Is that the reason why my HL queue time is 800s ?


Sorry I can't understand any of those "authority people's tweet", please tell me what this game's future is, that way I can at least be prepared when it comes.

And I did cry today — https://www.instagram.com/p/BrYuO6ahEYu/, don't laugh at me.

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