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The patch notes a grandmaster would have wished for.

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - The patch notes a grandmaster would have wished for.

Just finished reading the patch notes for today and I must express a little disappointment.

I play in the upper leagues of hots and have done so since Alpha and have played an extreme amount of this game throughout its entire lifespan.

I'm not sure if the development team is not in contact with anyone playing the game in the higher ranks for feedback, so I'll make a short list of changes I wish had made it into this patch.


Q – Damage reduced from 280 to 220. – the ability is just too strong right now, and it's not as slow as you would think such a high damaging ability should be, aka easy to dodge. You could even rebalance Tassadar by moving damage from his Q to his basic AA ( not Archon ) or W.

Archon – level 20 permanent Archon removed, promotes toxic gameplay where you keep your archon forever until the game ends. Very unnecessary powerspike for Tassadar as he is powerful before 20 as well. Feel free to give him another 20 that is not so toxic.


Ruby – Pick one of these: Increase cooldown by 50% or reduce the small potion healing by 50% / drop half as many potions per hero hit. – This ability is very anti fun, and makes Cain himself unpunishable by melee heroes especially. A Cain can walk into an entire team, Ruby himself and be unkillable… if this is by design then I don't know what to say. Cain himself is strong enough with his CC and normal potion healing to not warrant such a broken talent assisting him even further ( if you increase CD, take a look at perfect gems at 20 as well ).


Q – What can I say, this ability is ruining games right now. Usually in masters and above he is played as main tank because his CC and tankiness is just that broken, Especially with the Q build. Doesn't help that his Q hitbox is just not correct, and reaches too long. Suggestion : Reduce Q hitbox, reduce max range by 20%. As others have posted you hit people ( or training dummies ) even if the spell hitbox says you don't. A tank type hero should not be able to one shot other heroes on his own.


Yrel simply does too many things too well right now, especially waveclear and extremely low mana tension, meaning she can waveclear for free and not be threatened by the enemy hero or ganks because of her kit and talents.

Lvl 7 instant mount should really not be a talent for this hero, you remove any chance of ganking her when she is already extremely slippery due to design. If you really want to keep the instant mount, at least remove the speed bonus she gets anyway from pressing Z so she can be punished.


I would suggest either bumping her mana cost up by 30-50% on all basic abilities, or reducing E damage to minions by 50%. Charged E into D->Q should not be a full waveclear, at least not for no mana investment.

The above are the biggest offender to a bad meta right now, and unfortunately the patch did nothing to any of these.

I do have a longer dreamlist, for example a Probius into more of a support type hero ( his kit fits it better ) instead of being a hero that can only waveclear ( in high ranks at least ). I wish you guys took a look more at heroes with extremely low rates of play, but I realize you might not feel the need because no one is complaining about them / you have a low amount of info on the hero performance because of a lack of games. He could easily be reworked into more of a pylon giving team buff type hero ( look at 13 talents ) with zone control, and if you keep him this low health at least give him some survivability options in talents. Oh, and pylons are way too easy to destroy, which I guess is because of him being too strong in low ranks with his waveclear… feel free to nerf his waveclear and make him a proper hero.


Tracer is too self sufficient right now, while requiring very specific counters to play against. Personally I would tune her down either mobility wise or healing wise ( lvl 4 bomb heal could be reduced, Q could have a longer CD ). She dominates the game too much when there's no Diablo or Varian on the other team… and those tanks fall out of meta all the time which makes the problem even bigger.

General game design philosophy wise I wish you guys would be careful about making heroes have stacking damage and losing all said damage on deaths. This affects heroes like Alarak and Nova harshly, since losing all sadism on Alarak can be game ruining… and he's already a squishy melee assassin so it makes no sense, while I hate this kind of design if you were to put it on any hero it shouldn't be a melee assassin. If you guys really want to keep this design in you could make him lose 33% sadism per death instead… if he became too much of a powerhouse after that just reduce his maximum sadism. Same goes for Nova Q stacks.. You shouldn't lose all of them for missing one Q, especially since the hitbox is extremely thin, Losing 2 or 3 stacks would be more acceptable.

Oh, and one wishlist change from a friend, Add Alarak's Reckless strike back ( The faster Q animation with a armor reduction for Alarak himself.

Thanks for the read.

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