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The point of QM forcing 1 tank 1 healer

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - The point of QM forcing 1 tank 1 healer

To the contrary popular belief. Hots is not an easy game/moba. It is technically the hardest of moba's. One of the biggest reasons for this, is because we have many maps instead of 1. This means people have to learn how to play each map. This also means heroes have difference advantages and disadvantages on different maps. So not only do you need to learn to play a hero, but you need to learn to play them on more than 10 different maps. You're hero can also be great on some maps and bad on others. This means way more things to learn in order to play properly (playing properly can only increase the fun factor, because no one has fun losing, especially if they are losing because there comp is bad or their her is weak in that scenario).

Then I could talk about how there is no role queue meaning it's harder to play only 1 role and forces you to play many roles, unlike moba's like LoL where u can stick to 1 role and specifically queue for that role so you never have to learn the other roles. But in Hots the drafting system means you might need to fill in any role.


So the game is hard enough to learn as it is, thus not truly making it a casual friendly game. One of the main reasons to force tanks and healers into QM is so that people can learn to play the game the way it is meant to be played. Despite Blizzard not really doing a good job of showing how they game should be played and maybe even Blizzard not knowing how the game should be played. But Blizzard did put in tanks and healers and when ever people want to play the game with any true desire of winning (which everyone wants to win, the objective of a game is to win, you're only lying to yourself if you claim you only play for fun and winning means nothing to you, if this were true you would have as much fun vs ai, but you don't, you want to play vs people because there is a competitive aspect to it) they end up making a comp with a tank and healer because this is your best shot at winning.

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If people play QM with clown fiesta matches they will play the game wrong. It's like playing chess but having weaker pieces instead of your queen and rooks. And so the moment they try to do ranked or unranked they get stomped and lose interest in the mode, because it seems like such a harder mode.

Conclusion by getting forcing people to play the game with the minimum requirements to make a decent comp, they are getting people use to playing the game the right way from the get go, instead of having to retrain people and having to un-teach them all the bad habits. This would result in less toxicity which means less people feeling bad and everyone would have a better time in all modes.

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