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the problem with DVA is that she has two different ults on a basic ability

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - the problem with DVA is that she has two different ults on a basic ability

chen has a combo where he can pop his E, take a full healthbar of damage then negate 100% of his healthbar of damage by using storm earth & fire. To do this he has to wait until level 10 to get an ult on a 120 second cooldown that requires he doesn't get stunned. It's risky, it has opportunity cost (he cant take wandering keg which has all of his CC), there's counterplay to it, and once he's done it you've got 2 minutes before he can do it again.

DVA gets to do the exact same thing but from match start, and it's uninterruptible, and it does up to 1100 damage in a massive AOE, and she can use it every 30 seconds (healers reduce the CD, I just tested this in try mode, set ally to morales disable minions & enemy hero, ping her then go shoot the enemy fort). She doesn't have to give anything up to do it and there's no counter-play to stop or punish her for doing it. And then, at level 10, she gets a second ult

it isn't that DVA is overpowered, it's that she is, in a way that no other hero in the game is, a black hole into which all damage dealt to her is wasted. IMO they should remove both the full self-heal and the bomb from her eject ability, then have the player have to take a talent to get them back so she has an opportunity cost to those parts of her self destruct ult.

Here's what I'd do.

E: EJect. Sets max & current health to 1154 baseline, lose access to meka abilities & gain access to pilot abilities.

E: Meka Calldown. Same as now.

Level 4: ? . Eject reduces the cooldown of Meka Calldown by the Meka's remaining health.

Level 7: Self-Destruct. Gains an activateable, using Eject while it's toggled does up to 1100 damage to all nearby enemies after several seconds. Has a 100 second cooldown, every 4% of health lost reduces the CD by 1 second.

Level 13: Nuclear Option. Whatever Nuclear Option does this patch, makes the explosion more dangerous.


So in order to get the self destruct dva has at level 0 rn, she has to give up 2 different talent picks to get it, giving it big-time oppertunity cost making the self-heal it grants more justifiable. She can get the self destruct using only 1 talent, but doing so means she doesn't get to jump straight back into her meka the moment she uses it, cross-building into playing as pilot more, or she can take the talent that lets her eject & jump straight back into her meka after ejecting to use as a self-cleanse or storing her meka for use later so she can play as pilot for a little bit & has the calldown ready when she needs the health & escape, giving her a more varied playstyle.

With this build I'd put > at level 7 and > at level 4 to facilitate the multi-playstyles talent setup, so she can take the ability that lets her store her meka for later and the talent that lets her use all pilot abilities, and the talent that lets her self destruct her meka and the talent that makes her pistol shot stronger, but can't take all four.

Also, note; her eject and self-destruct are both active abilities the player has to use, meaning if her meka dies while she's CC'd she dies too. This means that it's more acceptable for her full self-heal to have a potentially 30 second CD bc the ability she uses to make sure she can use it without getting interupted (the gladiator's medallion) has a gigantic cooldown, AND, it's a skillshot that requires careful timing on the part of the player so it isn't just the game giving DVA a 100% heal for no skill or timing (which never suited DVA's theme). Also, there being a button you have to toggle to make eject self-destruct recreates the experience of lifting a glass case to reveal the self destruct button which, IMO, makes it far cooler to use

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