Heroes of the Storm

The Real Reason Why Your Teammates Hate Playing with Murky

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - The Real Reason Why Your Teammates Hate Playing with Murky

I will first say i have never had a problem with winning with a Murky on my team , and I have never griefed, blamed or flamed a Murky teammate for picking him. But I will tell you the honest truth why people hate playing with him that some people are not willing to tell you.

A Murky pick forces the 4 other teammates into a different play style that no one likes to play. The gang now has to 4v5 a lot of objectives and painfully stall everything until late game. And unlike other heroes that forces you into a different style like Abathur or Vikings, it doesn't enable or free up teammates. It just gives them work. It was fun the first time winning this way with a Murky who knows what he is doing. It was not fun the next 200 times.

On top of that, most Murky players are siege bots pre lvl 16, and after 16 they have the audacity to take credit for a win or think they carried, even though it's the 4 other teammates carrying him, stalling past his power spike and all he needs to do is to just show up. There are really bad Murky players and Murky players who know their shit, but no such thing as a great or the best Murky player.

It doesn't help that most Murky players are almost one-tricks. I mean look at this post. Most Murky players at least often walk into a game thinking they will definitely play Murky. I won't ever respect one-tricks, because just like cheaters, throwers and hacks, they only have fun at the expense of other people's fun.


I won't ever get toxic just because of a draft choice, and I will always try my best to win with a Murky on my team, but don't expect any respect or sympathy from other players. Chances are you don't deserve it.

Murky players often complain: "Teammates never know how to play around Murky." Well that's true for half the heroes roster. Why does your playstyle deserve extra work or extra attention? 1000 games in ranked I have never once saw a Murky that actually led, shot called or explained to his teammates nicely what to do around a Murky. Good players just know themselves, but no thanks to Murky players.

Also, Murky can often be an alright pick, but he is never a great pick. He is in this respect even worse than Gazlowe. Gazlowe becomes worse when you have a team that coordinates well. Murky stops being useful as soon as the enemy 5 players understand macro decently. There is a reason why Murky has close to 0 percent winrate and pickrate in competitive scene/Div S for more than a year now, but that's ok, becasue you don't need the best picks to win in SL. But most Murky players' mentality and ignorance is the problem.

TL;DR it's the players not the hero. Look within yourself

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